Tennis Warehouse: Head Gravity Pro, MP and S Playtest

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Attention Talk Tennis Members:

We have a very limited number of Head Gravity Pro, MP and S racquets for a playtest. Please note the Pro will be in full retail cosmetics while the MP and S will be in the pre-production cosmetics. This playtest is open to USA Talk Tennis members only.

VERY IMPORTANT: Playtesters will be required to get their test racquet strung. Each racquet will come with a set of Hawk Touch 17 (along with a Prime Pro overgrip & Head dampener).

GRIP SIZES MP & Pro = 4 ⅜. S = 4 ¼. Please do not apply if this does not work for you.

[Application period is now closed. Selected playtesters will be notified via email by July 19th.]

We have a very limited quantity of racquets to playtest. We select playtesters based on a number of factors, including message board participation and performance on past playtests.

In order to participate you must post your findings in this thread by August 23, 2019 at 5 pm PST.

Posting a review by the deadline is necessary to remain in good standing for future playtests.

Include the following in your review:
Racquet Received:
String and tension used for test:
Tennis experience/background:
Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley):
Current racquet/string setups:
How many hours did you play with the racquet?

Comments on racquet performance:
-Serve returns:

General reaction/comments on overall performance:

We will delete “request sent” emails, but encourage a lively “pre-game” discussion on Head racquets

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Given their release dates and marketing, I'm super interested in how the MP will compare to the Clash, and if it'll be quite as popular.


I am one of the few that asked for the S... :). I am getting older and playing larger head sizes.. but I love the low 60s RA. This is a great platform frame for my game and age. Very excited to give it a try. I am also using smaller grip sizes these days to increase spin. I am glad to see more lower flex options.. these days..


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It seems like Head is doing better with the Graphene 360 lines than their previous Graphene lines. The Gravity line is exciting, especially the Pro version. Looks like it sits right in between the almost forgotten Prestige MP and the Radical Pro. Though the Prestige line is still my favorite out of Head’s line up, the Gravity Pro might change that. Looks really interesting.
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These are some interesting specs. The weights, string patterns, and head sizes are all just different enough. I’ve decided I don’t like 18x20 patterns in smaller headsize racquets but I might in a 100. The 16x20 pattern in both a 100 and 104 also seems appealing. I’d like to swing them all side by side. I’ve got a handful of friends who play the MicroGel Radical OS and I’d be curious what their initial reaction would be to the S.


This would be an interesting one for me if I were lucky enough to get in. I’ve pretty much written off Head in recent years as none of their lineup has appealed to me. But this new Gravity line has me intrigued.

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I too haven't found anything particularly appealing in the Head lineup until now, but my the Gravity MP fits in spec-wise between my two favorite frames at the moment (Clash 100 and Blade 98 16x19), so I'm super excited to give the Gravity a try. Gone are my days of serious competition, so now I'm happy to be a racquet-addict who has a bunch of different sticks on hand lol


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Its good head got the gravity to market before the all mighty blade 7 and pure strike update is upon you know they will be good updates based on history...
Head deserves a good look..and I believe they will get it..


Congrats to all the playtesters! I didn't apply because I did the Pure Strike playtest before this but I am very curious about this offering. Really look forward to all the reviews especially the Gravity Pros since I am using Speed Pros these days.


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I was also selected. While both the Pro & MP are more inline with my usual preference, I chose the S. I’ve been hanging around with the older white Wilson BLX Blade Team (104) and the S looks interesting.


Was also selected for the pro playtest! Can’t wait to try the frame out and see how it compares to my current setup. Thanks TW!