Tennis Warehouse: Head Gravity Pro, MP and S Playtest


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To compare any current Head offering to the I prestige is a joke and half.

Interested @djNEiGht, do you think volkl v-square is better than firewire? That's the normal pairing with GW.
I’ve been happy with my YT Prestige MP and Graphene XT Prestige Pro but I hear you though.

I haven’t tried GW with FW yet. I’ve done FW with red devil and baseline strings and have liked it. Will try the two Tier One strings soon


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Yes. It is interesting to see different experiences.

Biggest difference makers in my opinion Are the strings and a player’s capabilities and playing style .

For example , with poly- poly hybrid I’m testing, this racquet is very controllable while retaining ‘point n shoot ‘ capability. With volkl V square, it definitely bordered on racquet launcher.

A friend of mine, college level player, hit with this racquet occasionally and no matter what strings , hit a clean ball ( he uses Yonex 98 with rpm blast)

Some good reviews here. Interesting how different people rate the same frame at times. For example, @Tennis_Monk felt the MP was very powerful, bordering on a rocket launcher, and I felt it was very low powered. I felt it had a lower launch angle, and @tennisgurl didn't experience that with her's.

Not saying either of us are incorrect, just making an observation after reading some of the reviews.

On a side note... @TW Staff...any way you can remove the 10000 character restriction in this thread? I did my placeholder back on page 3, but had to edit it down to meet the 10000 character limit. I guess I could rewrite it here in two posts like @macguyvur did, but thought I'd ask...


A Big Thank you to Tennis Warehouse for giving me the opportunity to test this racquet! I was looking for a 100in thin beam tight pattern stick to try and this was great!

Racquet Received:
Head Gravity Pro, Unstrung spec- 11.01oz, 8pts HL. Strung spec- 11.57oz, 5pts HL.

String and tension used for test:
Diadem Solstice Power main, Diadem Flash Crosses, 48lbs drop weight machine.

Tennis experience/background:
Picked up a racquet for the first time my Freshman year high school in gym class and was hooked. Played doubles in High School then went to college and didn't really play much. Just picked it back up in the last 3-4 years because I wanted to get healthy/lose weight and this forum definitely helped.

Describe your playing style (e.g. serve & volley):
I would say I am a baseline counterpuncher. I have a pretty decent serve both flat and slice. I play a mix of singles and doubles. I prefer singles for the exercise but also like doubles to keep my net game decent.

Current racquet/string setups:
I am a holic, like most on these boards, but if I had to say what my main stick is it would be the Pro Staff 97CV. Same with strings, I am all over the place! To keep things simple I have the same strings in my Pro Staff as with the Gravity Pro.

How many hours did you play with the racquet?:
I played about 12 hours with this racquet. A mix of singles and doubles.

Comments on Racket Performance:

Groundstrokes: 8.5/10
It took me a little while to get used to the larger head size, and closed pattern of the Gravity Pro. My favorite shot with this frame is probably the backhand slice. I found that the tight pattern really allowed max control for the slice and my sharp strings really helped as well. The swing weight of this racquet feels a little higher than my Pro Staff but I can't be 100% sure because of the balance. Being only 6pts HL(with OG) compared to my Pro Staff at 9pts, I also have some lead on my Pro Staff at 3&9. It feels to me like there is quite a bit of mass in the throat area of the Gravity Pro as opposed to the tip, kinda reminds me of the Yonex tour G 330 in that way. This racquet definitely makes you need to prepare early, but when you do you are rewarded with a nice heavy shot. I know others have mentioned it's not very powerful but I disagree, it has plenty of power.

Stability/Feel: 8/10
My initial reaction to this frame was that it had a fairly small sweet spot. I also found the upper part of the hoop to be very dead and unforgiving. Feel to me was pretty good, it has a nice response, very good plow. The more I used it the better it got, maybe the grommets needed to settle in or something. I took out my Pro Staff for the first time since playing the gravity yesterday and my Pro Staff feels more plush in my opinion. The Gravity pro is by no means uncomfortable though. Stability is great as well, one of the best attributes for sure.

Maneuverability: 7/10
This is not the Gravity Pro's strong suit. I did end up building the butt cap up and adding some lead in the trap door after hitting it stock because it was just too sluggish for me. Even with the more HL balance it was still hard to get around. Playing doubles up at the net was challenging, reaction volleys were tough. If you have time to prepare though you're good to go.

Control: 9/10
Control is the best attribute of the Gravity Pro. The string bed is very predictable and has a point and shoot quality that I like with 18x20 frames. I'm not sure if I just started getting used to where to hit the ball on the string bed or if it was the grommets settling but the deadness in the upper hoop that I noticed initially went away after a couple hours.

Power: 8.5/10
Plenty of power for me for sure. Again this racquet makes you get in good position due to the mass and swing weight, but when you do and swing freely you get a heavy ball.

Spin: 7.5/10
Spin was decent for an 18x20 pattern. Slice for me was the best. It has less spin than my Pro Staff but that's to be expected. My string setup helped with this as well. I also hit with it with the new KB Xplosive Speed full bed and spin wasn't nearly as good. I prefer the sharper polys in this frame for sure.

Comfort: 8.5/10
As others have said this may be the most comfortable racquet that Head has right now. I still give the nod to my Pro Staff though.

Serves: 8/10
Serving with this racquet was challenging initially because of the sluggishness and the 6pts HL balance combined with high SW. After I made it more HL with mods serving became much easier. I have been trying to develop a kick serve and I think this is a great racquet to learn on with the thin beam and wider-head/bigger spin window.

Volleys: 7.5/10
Volleys have great punch if you can get the racquet in position. I gave a lower score because of the maneuverability or lack thereof.

Serve returns: 8/10
Serve returns were good for me. Blocked back returns had plenty of depth and pace and you can really attack weaker serves because you have time to prepare and this racquet just plows the ball.

Overall: 85
This is the best racquet that Head has made in quite some time. I also was on the playlets for the Speed 360 Pro and that stick is fine in its own way but has a hollow feel to it. The Gravity pro is rock solid. In my opinion it does need some tail weight to help maneuverability but that's about the only thing I would change. I like a beefy SW and this has it for sure. Anyone looking for a 100in stable control frame with plenty of power on tap should demo this one for sure!

General reaction/comments on overall performance:
As some have mentioned the paint quality is very good, however they put the specs for the racquet on the outside upper hoop which is ludicrous! I have already scraped off some of the specs! I don't really mind but it's just crazy that they would do that. I won't be making the switch at this time from my Pro Staff but I do plan on putting in more time with this frame for sure. I also plan on doing a side by side with the new V7 Blade 18x20 in the next few weeks.

Thank you again TW and Head! You have a winner of a frame with this one for sure!


Same for me concerning the dead spots of the GPro. That’s why 4G doesn’t work well in this frame. I heard great feedback from the Head Lynx string (softer and livelier string) and i can’t wait for my hitting session this evening to try that out!


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Same for me concerning the dead spots of the GPro. That’s why 4G doesn’t work well in this frame. I heard great feedback from the Head Lynx string (softer and livelier string) and i can’t wait for my hitting session this evening to try that out!
Yellow Jacket is a firm string and didn't work for me either in the MP

TW Staff


If you haven't posted your review of the Gravity racquets, please post ASAP. Comments are due tomorrow!

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Racquet Received: Head Gravity S

String and Tension: I tried various set ups. I started with my normal string and tension which is Cyclone 18 at 52#s. I also tried Cyclone Tour 18 at 51#s and Cyclone 18 at 50#s. More details to follow.

Tennis Background: I have played for over 30+ years. Used to play singles but now only play doubles. I am 54 now and just can't move like I used to. I coach varsity tennis on the side. I have been doing it for 5+ yrs.

Playing Style: Tend to stay at the baseline. Hit topspin on both sides and have a 2 handed BH. My net game as improved through the years but my serve is my biggest weakness. Also been sort of a grinder and tend to get just about everything back from the baseline. When I was young, I took some lessons from a pro that had a game where you tried to get as many balls back in the singles court. The record at our club was around 525 shots and one time I got to about 515. Looking back, I guess that is where I learned consistency and patience.

Current Racket/Strings: Volkl Organix V1 MP/Cyclone 18 at 52#s. In my younger days, I used the PK SMI 10G MP until they all broke. Since then, I have found a lighter racket is better as I have grown older.

Hours Hit With the Gravity S: About 15 hours

Groundstrokes: For a lighter racket, I found this racket to be very stable in it's weight category. Immediately, I had zero issues hitting topspin FHs. I was getting more placement with this racket versus my Volkl V1 MP.
On the BH side, it was very solid as well. One thing that took me a while to get used to was the launch angle. I was little higher than normal but the ball dropped in the court. The one thing that I have been working on is the tension of the string. When I tried my normal setup, my son told me that while I had a lot of control, the pace of the ball was not the same as my regular racket. Therefore I have been trying out different tensions and I really think Cyclone no higher than 50#s is best for me. I still get the control at a lower tension but with more pop. Overall I would give this racket a 9/10 on ground strokes.

Serves: Again, easy to pick up and serve. The specs of this racket are very close to my racket. The SW is a little higher but not to the point where I felt like there was a big adjustment. I struggled some with flat serves but this racket hits great kick serves. I found the string pattern and 104 head allowed for a lot of spin. I would give this racket 8/10 on serves only because I felt I lost some pace on flat serves.

Volleys: One word - solid. I really liked volleying with this racket versus my current racket. It was light enough to be fast at the net but seemed to have more pop and control versus my current racket. I could hit really nice volleys even from the middle of the court. As you can tell, I thought this racket shined on volleys. 9/10

Serve Returns: First the good part, this racket was easy to return serves with. I really could swing away and felt confident the ball would land in as long as I was split stepping and not hitting late. However, I felt like I lost some pace on backhand returns. Returning serve is one of my better strengths and I was not able to get some BH passing shots that I normally do with my current racket. But it is solid on returns. 8/10

Overall Reaction: I really think Head has a winner with this racket but I think it is string tension sensitive. Of course this racket is much lower flex than my current racket so that is part of it. I really think this racket does fall somewhere in between what I currently use and the old PK SMI 10G that I used back in the 90s. I think it is the best of both which is a good thing. A couple of other notes: the grip was shorter but it did not tend to both me. Also, I found this racket very comfortable and I am a person that has an arm that is sensitive to rackets and strings. I had no arm or shoulder issues with this racket.

In summary, I may have finally found a replacement for my Volkl. This is a great racket for those that have moved to lighter weight rackets as they have aged. It also would be a great racket for a younger player that cannot handle heavy rackets yet. I will continue to stay with my current string but I am going to try 48#s next.

I would like to think Head and Tennis Warehouse for picking me in this play test. I really enjoyed it and hope this review is helpful.


Racquet received: Head Gravity S

String and tension used: Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 16 gauge strung at 58lbs

Tennis experience/background: Older male player. Have been playing tennis for forty years. I am currently a 4.0 player. I play five to six days a week. On average I play 20 to 25 hours a week.

Playing style: I am mostly a baseline player with all court skills thrown in. I love pounding the ball; but look forward to anything short to pounce on. I also try to attack my opponents weaknesses and move to the net for the easy put away. I currently play much more doubles than singles; but this is due to age. It's harder now to hang with someone 30 years younger than you in the blazing sun and heat.

Current racquet and string set up: I am currently playing with a Volkl V Feel V1 OS. The head size is 110 in.s with a weight of 10.1 oz before stringing. I play with Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 16 gauge strung at 58lbs.

How many hours of play with racquet: I have tried to play with this racquet as much as possible when not playing a match that counted. I currently estimate my play time with the Gravity S to be around 60 hours. Approximately 45 hours of doubles and 15 hours of singles. I am currently on my third set of strings with this racquet. But that is to be expected with the strings I use and my topspin.

Comments on racquet performance: Over all I must say I was surprised and impressed with the Gravity S. I knew that frame was going to be lighter with some good flex. I wasn't expecting it to mute and dampen the vibrations as well as it did.

Groundstrokes: I was very impressed with my groundstrokes. With the S I was able to get great power and this allowed me to keep all my balls deep and my opponents back behind the baseline. I have old school strokes. So I tend to use a lot wrist to help me generate my topspin. Due to the light weight and flex of the racquet it was very easy to due so. The Gravity also allowed me to really hit out on my slices so I was getting more bite on the ball.

Serves: I must confess this is the one area I had more trouble with. I was able to hit thru on my serve but I wasn't pounding them like I usually do. I was able to get some great slice on the serves for hitting out wide. It just seemed I had dropped a few MPH on the serve.

Volleys: Being a doubles specialist I really enjoy this frame for volleys. It was very light up at the net with a large head size. I found I could stick and place my volleys at will. It was almost like shooting fish in a barrel. The Gravity really shined here.

Serve returns: This was another area the racquet shinned at. Being light and head light to boot allowed one to swing fast thru the ball. Also knowing how easy it was to impart topspin or slice allowed one to really hit for the fences without actually hitting the fences. Returns with this racquet was a pleasure.

General reaction/comments on performance: I know this is silly ( specially since I know mine was a paint prototype ) but I didn't like the paint setup of this frame. Mine did not have the green and red scheme on opposite sides. Mine was plain black. But it did have the giant slogan of "MASSIVE SWEET SPOT DOMINATES THE GAME" on the inner hoop. For some reason this put me off and even after 60 hours of play I dislike it. But everyone is different. As for the way it played. I will give it a big thumbs up. It had a very large sweet spot and was light and maneuverable. All in all a great frame. Specially for someone rated 4.0 and below. Although I do believe some 4.0's will dislike it for being so light. This racquet had great muting abilities and was very comfortable on the arm. Huge huge plus for me.

Once again a big thank you to TW and Head for the playtest. It was a pleasure to participate and I think Head has a winner on its hands.


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Racquet Received: Gravity MP

String and tension used for test: Head Hawk Touch 17g at 48 lbs; Kirschbaum Xplosive 18g at 52 lbs

Tennis experience/background: 4.5 singles player at the baseline with my doubles partner at the net

Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley): Baseliner who'll only venture up to the net for a short ball.

Current racquet/string setups: Yonex EZONE 98 w Kirschbaum Xplosive 18g at 45 lbs

How many hours did you play with the racquet?: ~20 hours (75% of the time was with the Hawk Touch, 25% was with the Xplosive)

Comments on racquet performance:
There's nothing revolutionary about this racquet. But it certainly has some strong points if you're loyal to Head. It fills a slot in their line of a thin-beamed, flexible racquet. The old Ti80s from Yonex have similar a similar build, but the Head Gravity is updated with modern technology for more power and spin. I kept the racquet in stock form playing with it for 15 hours(ish) with Head Hawk Touch and then 5 hours with Kirshbaum Xplosive speed. The following comments apply to both stringing options.

-Groundstrokes: I am a baseliner - so groundstrokes are my jam! My initial concern is that this racquet would be pushed around with its 295 g unstrung weight. It certain is susceptible to heavier shots, but it holds its own at the baseline (but volleys are a different story). I can handle everything with confidence from the back court - I can feel where my shot is going and hit a cross court short angle in a pinch. It's versatile unlike my EZONE that I feel like can only get me power - no so much spin when I need it. And on the power note, I do find myself getting lazy some time because of all of the free power. It's not good for my game because I sprayed too many balls when I relied on the Gravity's power and didn't impart as much spin.

The other initial concern I had was the launch angle of the ball. The VCOREs that used a 16x20 string pattern never felt great for my ground game because the launch was too low. The Gravity launches balls nice and high which suits my strokes nicely. I can't get over how much more margin I get on my groundies compared to my EZONE 98. And I'm using Xplosive in both of them (@45 lbs for the EZONE, 52 lbs in the Gravity)

-Serves: Gravity had some effects on my serves. I got more pop and speed with added spin. It's what anyone would want in a racquet. However, I found the 100 head size to be a little clunkier through the air. It's light, but the lightness is neutralized by its head size. It's a trade off that I'm also

This is where Gravity didn't help me. The MP gets pushed around by heavy balls. Combine that with my 2.5 volley skills and we have a recipe for disaster. I like the pop for when I chop at a shoulder high ball. But a low ball and my choppy action sends it high or beyond the baseline. I can't handle missiles fired at me with the Gravity MP in my hand. It lacks the stability that a 2.5 volleyer (but 4.5 baseline) needs. :p

-Serve returns: I enjoy returning with this racquet only on balls where I'm not stretched out. If I have time, I can chip back aggressively, lob the return, or groundstroke-it down the line. But when I'm stretched out, blocks fly and swings spin balls into the net. With my EZONE, blocks stay in and stretched out swings bring the ball up and over the net (again, probably because the EZONE doesn't impart as much spin).

-Feel: Bonus section! What I'm undecided on is the feel of this racquet. It's soft, but not plush. The pop you get from the stringbed is loud as if you are a pro. And it's not entirely comfortable with a tiny true-sweetspot and a big "ok-spot," as I like to call it - but my arm/wrist wasn't hurting at the end of any hit session.

The general area is an "ok-spot" that feels good, but it provided some buzzy-feedback. It's not like a metallic, arm-breaking feedback, but it's not pleasant. Then outside of the ok-spot is the no-no-zone where the racquet twists from the mis-hits. Comparing it to my EZONE, mis-hits don't twist the racquet as much. I do like the flex of this racquet and think had has a good formula there with the Graphene 360 and the flex. But I think they can do more to create a more true/consistent sweetspot.

Who's This Racquet For?: I think this is a great choice a junior transitioning to his/her second full size racquet or an adult player looking for a thin, whippy racquet with easy power and spin from Head.

Thank you to TW and Head for providing a racquet and a string set for review. It was fun departure from my typical frames and I'll keep playing with this racquet every now and then. I can't get over how the launch angle complements my groundstrokes! That's where this racquet shines in my hands.


Racquet Received
Head Gravity MP

String and tension used for test:
Head Velocity 16 @ 52 Main / 50 Cross.

With this string job, the Gravity MP weighed 10.8 ounces.

Later during my testing, I customized the racquet out of necessity as I was sent a racquet in a 4 1/4 grip instead of the 4 3/8 grip I was supposed to receive. Also, the stock grip was very slippery (and I do not have sweaty hands) in the hot conditions I played in.
My customized racquet had a Head Leather Tour grip and a Yonex Supergrap overgrip. This boosted the grip size up to over 4 3/8. I also added a strip of Gamma Head Guard tape to the top of the racquet. The new weight came out to 11.5 ounces.

Tennis experience/background:
I would describe myself as a 4.0 Weekend Warrior who is a stronger doubles player than singles player. I play in tennis club house leagues and go to drill classes.

I like many sports outside of tennis. I have played baseball, fast pitch softball, slow pitch softball, and basketball. I am also a road cyclist.

Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley):
All court player in singles. Serve and volley / chip and charge in doubles. I do enjoy coming to the net. I have an eastern forehand and a 1-handed backhand.

Current racquet/string setups:
I have played with various versions of the gold Head Instinct for the past 11 years. My current racquet is a Head Liquidmetal Instinct (Austrian) strung with Head Velocity 16 @ 52 Main / 50 Cross. I have also used the Head Microgel Instinct and the Head Youtek Instinct.

Before the Instincts, I played with the Head Pro Tour 280 (both Austrian and Chinese). I bought the Austrian Head Pro Tour 280 at Tennis Warehouse as an in-person customer a long, long time ago. Makes me feel old.

How many hours did you play with the racquet?
8 hours.

Comments on racquet performance:


At the stock weight, I found the Gravity MP very easy to use for groundstrokes. Maneuverability was excellent (much better than previous Graphene racquets that felt more polarized), and the response off the string bed was consistent. I did not have a problem with the higher sweetspot. I noticed a higher launch angle and improved topspin from the Gravity MP compared to my Instinct. The Gravity MP was also effective on slices. My only problem with this racquet was that it did get pushed around by big hitters.

After customization, feel, stability, power, and control all improved. However, maneuverability did suffer a bit. I also had problems handling high balls, particularly with my one-handed backhand. But overall, the racquet performed better on groundstrokes after customization.
I am happy to say that the feel of the Gravity MP is much improved over previous Graphene racquets and is closer to the classic Head feel that his been missing for so many years.

In its stock form, the Gravity MP served very well, especially considering its weight. I could place my serves well, and I also found good levels of spin and kick. The power level was good for me. I rely more on placement and spin for my serve than power as I have a bad shoulder.

After customization, serving performance went down a bit for me as the racquet became more difficult to swing. In my opinion, a player with more physical strength (and a better shoulder) would not have a problem.

In stock form, maneuverability at the net was excellent. As others mentioned, I did experience some stability problems. This is also probably where I felt the effect of the high sweetspot as I sometimes had a hard time finding the sweetspot for volleys, particularly on the backhand side.

Customization made an improvement in stability at the expense of some maneuverability. Interestingly, I still had a little trouble dialing in my backhand volley. But adding weight to improve volleying performance is the way to go.

As with groundstrokes, the Gravity MP was comfortable at net, even on mishits.

Serve returns:
In stock form, I felt the racquet performed better when taking full swings on serve returns. I do like to chip back returns, particularly in doubles. When I chipped back or blocked back serves, I found that my returns did fall short.

Again, with customization, the racquet performed better. This especially helped when chipping back or blocking back serves.

General reaction/comments on overall performance:
The stock Hydrosorb Pro grip was terrible. I have used other versions of the Hydrosorb grip before without any problems, but this version was very slippery. The grip even got slippery when it was not in use just sitting in hot conditions. The improvement in grip switching to the Yonex Supergrap overwrap was significant. I ended up putting the Hydrosorb Pro grip on one of my softball bats.

Overall, I was pleased with the Head Gravity MP. It was nice to play with a Head racquet that played more like the classic Head racquets, but also offered some desirable characteristics for the modern baseline game. In stock form, volleying was the weakest link of this racquet. However, the Gravity MP is a good racquet to customize with some extra weight to improve the performance. At 11.5 ounces customized, I probably added a little too much weight for my needs as my Liquidmetal Instinct runs at 11.2 ounces. I will have to tinker with the weight some more.

I hope that Head decides to bring the Head Gravity Tour to the US. Especially since it is advertised in the racquet insert of the Gravity racquets in my local shop. I think it would be a great US entry in its weight class, and probably could be played in stock form.

Thank you very much to Tennis Warehouse and Head for the opportunity to try out the Gravity MP! Nice job Head!