Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Tecnifibre TF40 305 16x19


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A small update.
I've been playing exclusively with this Tecnifibre racket ever since I got it from TW. Finally strung it with Tecnifibre Razor Code 17 mains + soft multi Prince Premiere in crosses. It feels and plays even better now. Tecnifibre Razor Code 17 is a round and rather slick poly, maybe it is just the sound that fools my brain - but the experience when hitting the ball is very pleasant. I may have to part with my previously beloved Yonex Vcore Pro as there's no use for those now...... Kind of bittersweet.... :)


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I will post my formal review later today. I just wanted to preface it with a big shoutout to Solinco for bringing an extended length 18x20 to the tennis world. I have never played an extended length racquet but I have been intrigued with the easy power, depth and spin that the XTD brings to bear. It serves absolute bombs with great precision. I like the racquet so much, I am buying more.