Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Tourna Grit 17

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Attention Talk Tennis Members:

Tourna Grit 17 playtest

The application period is over.

We will notify the selected playtesters by Monday.

Due Date: January 18, 2019

Include the following in your review:
  • Tension(s) used for playtest
  • Regular string set up
  • Racquet used for test
  • Power of test string
  • Feel (Comfortable? Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? etc.,)
  • Spin
  • Durability
  • Playability Duration
  • Control
  • Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not?
  • Compare to string used most often
  • List any additional thoughts (optional)
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I've already played it so will not take a slot. Really loved it when I was able to really hit out. I try a lot of strings, but in retrospect, I was playing some of my best tennis when I had it in late this summer.
Just found that I'm in the playtest! Very cool. I'll definitely give a thorough review of the string.
I received the email as well, though the dates look completely off on the email. Says if you did not receive the string by December 1st, you should let them know, but this playtest was only posted this Monday December 10th? Maybe they meant January 1st?


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I received the email as well, though the dates look completely off on the email. Says if you did not receive the string by December 1st, you should let them know, but this playtest was only posted this Monday December 10th? Maybe they meant January 1st?
I just went back and checked after reading your post and you are correct. I think they must have meant Jan 1st. Can @TW Staff please clarify. Thanks!

TW Staff

Sorry, we made a mistake! If you haven't received your string by January 1st, please contact us. Review is due January 18th.

Brittany, TW


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Anyone have any idea what the stiffness rating on this is ? Just trying to get an idea on what tensions etc.
I haven't heard or even done a feel test. Most of the Tourna strings I've tried I have found them to be a middle of the road stiffness string...but I have only tried 3-4 of them

For my personal tension variations I string an open pattern MP with 60-65 RA with a 17g string at 48 CP (I use 45$ for a closed pattern racquet). I'll go up in tension 2-3 lbs for a thinner gauge/softer string. I'll go down 2-3 lbs for the opposite.

When doing a playtest, I'll try and target my regular tension unless I hear some confirmation of the characteristics of the string.

What racquet will you be using and also what are some strings you are frequently using?
I haven't heard or even done a feel test. Most of the Tourna strings I've tried I have found them to be a middle of the road stiffness string...but I have only tried 3-4 of them

For my personal tension variations I string an open pattern MP with 60-65 RA with a 17g string at 48 CP (I use 45$ for a closed pattern racquet). I'll go up in tension 2-3 lbs for a thinner gauge/softer string. I'll go down 2-3 lbs for the opposite.

When doing a playtest, I'll try and target my regular tension unless I hear some confirmation of the characteristics of the string.

What racquet will you be using and also what are some strings you are frequently using?
Prestige classic mid or IG mid. Currently, I'm string testing, recently played Lux Adrenaline (50 lbs), Kirschbaum Evolution (48 lbs), Volkl Cyclone Tour (53 lbs). Currently playing Isospeed Cream (50 lbs) on one, Kirschbaum Max Power (50 lbs) on one, and Head Velocity / Polyfiber Black venom hybrid at 55/55 lbs. Like you can tell, a little all over the place right now.


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My set arrived this morning. At the stringer right now and I will have first hit in the evening. Hopefully have the review ready by end of week. Looking forward to it :)
Tourna Grit 17 playtest
  • Tension(s) used for playtest 18 gauge @47 lbs.. on a drop weight stringing machine
  • Regular string set up 16 gauge poly at 40 lbs.
  • Racquet used for test Wilson Ultra 108
  • Power of test string One of the more powerful polys I have used. 9
  • Feel (Comfortable? Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? etc.,) One of the most comfortable polys I have ever used 9.5
  • Spin 6.6
  • Durability Has not broke yet
  • Playability Duration Have played with for 15 hours. Still playing very good. Very little tension loss.
  • Control 7
  • Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not? I would string a little tighter maybe 50lbs for more control. I believe it would still be very comfortable.
  • Compare to string used most often I have tried so many different polys. This is a great value for the price and will compete with any poly for quality.
  • List any additional thoughts (optional)


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Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Tourna Grit 17

Folk, here is my review Tourna Grit 17 string. Thank you to @TW Staff for this opportunity as always. It is much appreciated. Hope you enjoy my review.

Tension(s) used for playtest

49 lbs full bed. Strung on Gamma ELS 5800 stringer.

Regular string set up:
I am tennis geek and I am always trying new strings and equipment whenever I can. These past few weeks I have been using Volkl Cyclone 17 strung anywhere from 48-52 lbs depending on racquet.

Racquet used for playtest:
Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT. I enjoy Volkl Cyclone in high 40s tensions in this frame and figured Tourna Grit would be a good fit in that tension range.

Power of test string:
Power was ample. More than Cyclone. I would call it medium powered. I found it very similar to Yonex Poly Tour Strike in terms of power feedback. Generous spin and decent pop on groundstrokes and volleys as well. First serves had good pop. Second serves had a good mix of spin and pop.

Feel (Comfortable, Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp?):
I found Tourna Grit 17 to be a very comfortable string. Softer than Volkl Cyclone, if we compare the two. Dwell time was excellent and I could feel the ball pocket well. I felt really connected on court. No buzzing, jarring or weird vibrations at all. And comfortable feel was consistent all throughout the playtest.

I found the spin to be just average much below what I get from Cyclone 17. The string was not very slick as well hence I did not feel a lot of snapback happening. It is also lively feeling and round so I wasn't expecting too much spin anyway. In my opinion, there is enough spin for bigger, advanced level hitters. But do not expect the string to help you generate spin. I did find that I could shape my groundstrokes because of the dwell time and pocketing. That ball pocket feeling also helped a lot when serving second serves and getting feel.


This is a durable string in my opinion. I am not a chronic string breaker compared to some of the guys I hit with but feedback I am getting tells me I will be cutting it out before I break it. I feel it to be more durable than Cyclone 17. I am also not seeing a lot of notching which speaks highly of durability for me.

Playability Duration:
Nothing extraordinary really. I would say it is decent and on par with most of the good polyester strings out there in the market. I am on the 9 hour mark and balls have started flying so I am going to be cutting it out soon after hitting one more time. I did notice that playability was constant all throughout. So playability was around 8-10 hours for me which is what I get from most decent polyester strings. I also felt that tension maintenance was good throughout and there was no drop off anywhere.

This is definitely a control oriented string in my opinion. I felt there was good point and shoot sort of control. Even though I feel that it was not a spin monster, you could always whip the ball and expect it to dip and land inside the line. Ball pocketing helps that as well. Great control on flat shots. Overall control was consistent from a very reliable string bed response on all types of strokes. I really liked sliced second serves, very tempered and controlled.

Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not?
I feel that 49 lbs was ideal in my 16x20 racquet and complemented the string. I would string same tension (in this same racquet) as I was happy with the consistent and reliable feedback I was getting. Since the string is soft enough, I will recommend going tighter a couple of pounds in more open patterns for a bit more control and to tame that little bit extra power I felt. The feedback of the string really is comfortable enough to be kept in mid-high 40s in denser patterns for optimum balance of comfort and control.

Compare to string used most often:

Tourna Grit 17 is more powerful, comfortable and durable than Cyclone 17. Playability duration is the same as Cyclone 17. I do feel that however that it suffers in the spin department when compared to Cyclone 17.

List any additional thoughts (optional):
I was excited to do this playtest as I had heard about Grit a few months back and never got a chance to try it. A few observations below:

1) Let me just say that the name 'grit' was a bit misleading for me in a way. I think sandpaper the moment I hear 'grit'. This string however is a smooth round poly, not some rough textured/twisted sort of a string. My stringer also said he was pleasantly surprised as he isn't a fan of stringing textured stiff strings.

2) I found this string to be a very good overall string however I did not find it excelling in any one department. It does everything good so I would recommend it for someone looking for a well balanced string. Caveat here that you will find very similar strings in the marketthat do things similarly well, if not better.

3) While the price point is good (under 10 bucks a set), I don't really see a convincing enough reason to switch to it for good. That said, I will think about keeping a few sets of Tourna Grit 17 nearby just to mix things up. For some reason I am curious about trying this in a hybrid setup.

And finally, thank you @TW Staff and Tourna once again for this opportunity to try this string. Really had fun.
Strung this up in a Head Speed Pro 360 at 47lbs and had my first hit with it this morning, so far I'm very impressed. I'll submit my full review after I get a few more hours under my belt.
Strung this up in a Head Speed Pro 360 at 47lbs and had my first hit with it this morning, so far I'm very impressed. I'll submit my full review after I get a few more hours under my belt.
I am also testing this string in my Head 360 Pro and really like it. My review will be coming in a day or two. I had mine strung at 50 pounds.
Tourna Grit 17 Playtest Review by Tennisgurl

Hello everyone, please find my playtest review for Tourna Grit 17 String below. I really enjoyed the playtest and I would like to thank @TW Staff for giving me the opportunity.

Tension(s) used for playtest: 50 pounds
Regular string set up: My regular setup is usually Solinco Hyper G strung at 50-52 pounds.
Racket used for test: Head Graphene 360 Pro.
Power of test string: The power was medium to high for this string. Polyester strings are usually low powered but this one I felt good power. Similar power as Solinco Hyper-G which I regularly play with. In my opinion this will be a good fit for both intermediate to advance players as you get good power without taking full long strokes.
Feel (Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp?): The string was soft and comfortable in general. It was easy to shape and direct the ball for me as well. Since I am not a very high level play, I did take some time to adjust but my balls were going in deep and I felt comfortable with strokes. Feedback was not jarring upon ball contact and I could feel the ball stay on my strings. In other words, dwell time, as most say, was great.
Spin: I am a flat hitter but sometimes I will try to hit with spin as well. For me, I could tell that with the excellent ball pocketing and shape of the string, those who have the strokes and mechanics can get a great deal of spin. If you are not advanced level you will not get any spin boost from the string itself. Hyper G I get way more spin probably because it is shaped.
Comfort: Oh most definitely the standout feature of the string for me was how comfortable it was. Even when I hit the ball harder than normal and muscled it (which I shouldn't really) I had no arm pain of any sort and feedback was soft upon ball contact.
Durability: I have never broken any strings (I'm a weak 4.0 at best) no matter how hard I try to hit. For me tennis strings last 3-4 weeks. I don't play more than twice a week these days because of work schedule. So far strings feel good and I really don't foresee these strings being replaced anytime soon. String still plays like it should.
Playability Duration: The string is in very good shape after one and a half week of playing and as I mentioned above, I am not noticing any difference in playability. I have similar power, spin, depth and control I had when I had strings put in.
Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not?: I always string my strings between 50-52 pounds. It is a great way of keeping things constant to test attributes of strings and to see if you like to go up or down in tension depending on how string is playing for you. I will keep tension at 50 as there was ample power and control, two things that throw me off the most.
Compare to string used most often: I use Solinco Hyper-G most often and Tourna Grit 17 is different in a few characteristics. I felt that Tourna Grit 17 was same in power and durability department but less in control than Hyper G. Comfort was much better than Hyper G as Hyper G can give vibrations and feel harsh sometimes on off center hits. I think tension maintenance is same as Hyper G but I have no way of measuring it.
List any additional thoughts (optional): I have started enjoying 17 gauge and thinner strings ever since my club's teaching pro told me that I should go for thinner gauge strings as they are more powerful and suit my game more. This is probably also the reason I really liked Tourna Grit 17. From pricing perspective I think at under 10 dollars Tourna Grit is an excellent price. I will definitely keep some sets for myself and recommend this string to people I play with as well.

Overall, I really enjoyed the playtest and many thanks to Tennis Warehouse and Tourna! If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Here is my review. Thanks TW and Tourna for the opportunity to play test.

Tension(s) used for playtest : 50 lbs

Regular string set up: currently testing Kirschbaum Max Power at 50 lbs and Isospeed Cream at 50 lbs

Racquet used for test: Head prestige classic

Power of test string: this string was quite powerful in a springy sort of way. For my current strokes, this caused a lot of over hitting- the way to adapt would have been to flatten my strokes out, but usually difficult to change your stroke paths on the fly especially against better opponents. Definitely
Much more powerful / springy than Max Power and Cream.

Feel (Comfortable? Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? etc.,): Definitely comfortable on the arm, but I would say only marginally more than the others I’m playing with. I guess I’m not as sensitive to this aspect, since I find Max Power (stiffness ~ 225) almost as comfortable as Cream (stiffness ~ 160). This one was somewhat mushy as well, where it did not clearly signal where on the string bed I made contact. It did not inspire confidence for me to swing out.

Spin: this string was not very spinny, almost played like a multi for me. Shots that I usually keep in with spin sailed out, and I found myself hitting shots with minimal net clearance to reduce the chance of over hitting.

Durability: no issues on this front. I don’t usually break polys before cutting them out and it was the same with this string as well.

Playability Duration: seems to maintain tension on par with other polys I play. No particular observations one way or another.

Control: I would rate this as average at best. I derive control mostly by keeping the ball deep with top spin, and i found this string not very suitable to the way I play. I rely on being able to take full strokes, but strung at 50 lbs, this string did not have enough control or predictability for my strokes.

Tension Recommendations: this is a bit of a dilemma and here’s why. I would definitely think that a higher tension (eg 55-58 lbs) could help me reign in the power. However, I suspect this would lead to even lower spin, which would make it even harder for my game. I suspect flat hitters may like this string at higher tensions.

Compare to string used most often: compared to the usual polys I play, this played more like a multi in power, comfort and spin levels. If that’s what someone is after, this can be a good fit for them. Then again, if that’s the objective then there are plenty of options out there in the same price range.
Review of Tourna Grit 17

  • Tension(s) used for playtest
    • 54lb mains x 52lb crosses
  • Regular string set up
    • Volkl Cyclone17 54lb mains x 52lb crosses
  • Racquet used for test
    • Wilson BLX Six One 95 18x20
  • Power of test string
    • Towards the higher end of power for a poly string. Felt more like a transitional string for folks who switch from multi strings to poly strings, than a typical poly string. There was a good amount of pop on my serves though, and that felt really good especially on first serves.
  • Feel (Comfortable? Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? etc.,)
    • It definitely comes under soft/comfortable string category, especially for a poly string. The feeling was soft and comfortable. Some may call it slightly mushy feeling as well. But I thought the string, even though comfortable and soft had a good feel on touch shots.
  • Spin
    • Average for a poly. Again this string felt more like a power/comfort oriented string. There is good amount of snapback and spin when compared to an average synthetic-gut/multi string. So there is still a good amount of spin opportunity. But typically I need some more lower power to swing it out to its full, without fear, and that is probably why I would categorize this as average spin. But there was not big issues in balls flying. There was enough loop on the balls, and the depth was easy.
  • Durability
    • Excellent durability. Even after 12 hrs of hitting I noticed only less than 25% notching. Typically I would notch through a lot more by this time. I was slightly surprised by the increased durability. Probably the “new technology” at work… or may be because I was not hitting for the fences because of extra power.
  • Playability Duration
    • I am really happy with the way the string bed shaped over time after stringing. I did find some tune-in period for the first 30 minutes or so, the tension probably settled in by this time and I also adjusted by strokes to hit properly with the string. After that any change was very gradual, and did not notice any huge playability difference. Towards the end of around 10 hr mark or so, I could tell it was a different feeling from the beginning, but since the change was gradual, I also adjusted to it naturally. Also the string still maintained quite a bit of its initial properties and still had good elasticity at 12hr mark. I would think most users would find the playability of this string acceptable.
  • Control
    • I felt that this string is really a comfort/softness oriented string than a control oriented string. But that being said, it still does have good point and shoot and directional control. So for anyone transitioning from multi/synthetic-gut world, this would feel like a good control string. But I felt like the balls fly a bit more than usual for a poly, out of the string bed when swinging full, using Tourna Grit.
  • Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not?
    • Though I am curious to find how it will feel at a bit more higher tension, I am not really convinced that it would make a big difference in the way this string hits. So yes, if given another chance I would try 2lbs more tension to see if I can swing more free. But the main interest for me is to see how this string hybrids with some of my other favourite strings. I would having a soft/round string like this on crosses along with other lower powered shaped strings in mains would probably do some good for me.
  • Compare to string used most often
    • Comparing TournaGrit17 to Volkl Cyclone 17.
    • TournaGrit17 is definitely more comfortable
    • TournaGrit17 is more durable
    • TournaGrit17 is more powerful
    • VolklCyclone17 provides more spin and control
    • Both do provide similar touch and feel.

  • List any additional thoughts (optional)
    • I think I was probably having some over expectations because of the marketing hype in the description with the terms like “nanoparticles”, “most advanced string”. So was a bit disappointed a bit after finding that it is nothing exceptional. But later I realized that this string definitely excels in that transitional category for folks who are currently using multifilament/ synthetic-gut strings, and in search of some more spin from recent string advancements, but at the same time without having any severe effect on arm/stiffness/power. Also it is a bit misleading using the terms “roughness” in the package, as well as the name “grit”, which kind of indicate a rough surface. If I ordered this online, expecting a rough surfaced string to have a good string to ball friction, I would be disappointed. This is more of a smooth round poly string, with some advancements probably in tension maintenance and elasticity using newer technologies.
    • Overall I think this string does an excellent job in the specific category and market it is intended. Just that, there is a chance that, folks buying the string out of marketing hype would be disappointed out of wrong expectations.
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Thank you to the @TW Staff and Tourna for this first opportunity to participate in a string play test.

String(s) used for playtest
Tourna Grit 17 (1.25mm) - full bed

Tension(s) used for playtest
23.5M/25.5X in kg
52.0M/54.0X in lb
Note: This is a slight increase over my normal full bed co-poly tension because the string is more elastic than the current regular strings in my racquet. The tension was adjusted after using a test section of the string for an impromptu linear elasticity test.

Regular string set up
All 1.25mm in the 23kg +/-1 (50lb +/- 2) range with Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution, Tourna Black Zone

Trying out: Tecnifibre Black Code Lime, Babolat PH Tour, Kirschbaum MP Rough at 20kg (44lb),

Other strings previously used full bed and in hybrids: Kirschbaum Synthetic Gut, Tourna Synthetic Gut Armor, Price SG Duraflex

Racquet used for test
My usual Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 Tour weighted to 365gm (12.9oz), balance 305mm (12 HL)

8 /10 - see below

Power of test string
More access to power compared to Kirsch Evolution, T Black Zone and easily more than Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour or Tecnifibre Black Code. Hitting first serves in with pace or spinning in second serves was not a problem. From the baseline I could hit groundstrokes normally without having to adjust much. This is quite subjective.

Feel (Comfortable? Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? etc.,)
Tourna Grit is a softer co-poly than Kirsch Evolution or Tourna Black Zone and quite comfortable. I would guess at a TW stiffness rating around 32-34 kg/cm (180-190 lb/in).

No appreciable difference relative to other smooth, round co-poly alternatives. I did not feel the need for shot adjustments related to the string / tension combination as I was able to hit on both wings with medium to heavy topspin, use drop shots effectively on both sides, and topspin lobs felt normal. Serving was fine with sliced serves working fine.

There is no evidence of deep notching 10 hours in to the test. For me, this is unlikely to break before I restring.

Playability Duration
Based on “feel” the bed is softening up gently after 10 hours, but still very playable and I would say Tourna Grit maintains tension well. It appears this may change around 20 hours (singles) or 30 hours (men’s doubles) at 4.0+ level.

I was comfortable with all my shots (serves, topspin or flat groundstrokes, deep slices, drop shots and lobs) using this string and could play my normal game that relies on variety.

Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not?
The string was comfortable at 23.5M/25.5X in my racquet of choice, so I do not see a need for any major tension adjustment from that tested. For those wishing to try it out, I would recommend increasing the reference tension by 5% or so because of its softer nature

Compare to string used most often
At the current price point of US$9.95, I prefer Tourna Black Zone at US$7.95/set and Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution at US$12.00/set, but would consider Grit as an attractive purchase at US$6/set.

Tourna Grit is slightly more comfortable with a bit more power than my usual set up. For other characteristics –other than comments above I will update this review before the deadline after using the test string for another 10-12 hours.

List any additional thoughts (optional)
Marketing - The name Grit and package graphic may evoke thoughts of a textured/rough string, but this is a smooth, round co-poly. The string is as comfortable as other soft co-polys on the market so one can only wonder how much string elasticity is the effect of “Carbon Fiber Nano Particles.”

Packaging – The test string arrived in a normal cardboard sleeve. An examination of the string coil out of the pack showed three locations with very small nicks that were initially mistaken for dust and I was concerned about the string snapping during installation or during play.

@ Jan 09 - Still very playable 10hrs singles, 12hrs doubles. However, because of some post-play wrist discomfort after the last two sessions, I may be replacing these a bit sooner than anticipated. Of course, it could easily have been a result of player mistiming the ball and not the string.
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Thanks TW and Tourna for the opportunity!
  • Tension(s) used for playtest
    • 48/46
  • Regular string set up
    • Ytex Square - 47/45 in the spring/summer
    • Prince Premier Control - 52/50 in the fall/winter
  • Racquet used for test
    • Prince Phantom Pro 100
  • Power of test string
    • coming from a multi, this felt like an average powered poly. I could take a normal swing and still have enough oomph on the ball to not get pushed around.
  • Feel (Comfortable? Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? etc.,)
    • To me, this was a very odd poly. Most groundstrokes were very muted, but every few strokes, the string felt crisp. Overall the string were comfy. I didn't notice any arm pain, twinges, or discomfort.
  • Spin
    • Average spin for a poly named "Grit." I wasn't expecting ungodly amounts of spin, especially after feeling the string in hand... Just expected a little more potential than what came from it. I would say that BH Silver has better spin.
  • Durability
    • I'm not a string breaker, but I did notice some notching around 8 hours or so.
  • Playability Duration
    • It softened up a little around the 10-12 hour mark, but I didn't feel like the playability dropped until about hour 15.
  • Control
    • Groundies were very good with this string. It took me a little while to dial in touch shots around the net and placement lobs.
  • Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not?
    • I would like to try dropping this string to around 46/44 or 45/43 just to see if touch shots and lobs are better and a little more spin from the string.
  • Compare to string used most often
    • It almost felt like Solinco tour bite stringing up, but it played softer.

I think this string would shine better in a stiffer (>60 ra) racket.
Tourna Grit 17 - Playtest

For reference, I am in the 40+ age category, and am a 4-4.5 level player. I have an attacking playstyle, with a modern semi-western forehand and a 1 handed topspin backhand.

Tension(s) used for playtest: I used my standard poly setup at 48lbs Mains and 46 lbs Crosses. I double pull my 2 center main strings.
Regular string set up: Core setup is a Gut/Ply Hybrid - currently Lux 1.3 mains, and Technifibre Pro Red Code Wax crosses.

Racket used for test: Donnay Tri-Core Pro One 16x19.

Power of test string: It has taken several outings with the string to get a good sense of it. It is really unique feeling. The power of the string "feels" high as it has a really good pocketing feel and "elasticity". However, I am not sure that it equated to more speed or weight on my strokes. For me anyway, I still feel that you had to generate your own power (similar to my go-to poly of Solinco Tour Bite) but it just had a better feel. So, more power than a stiff poly, but less than natural gut.

Feel (Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp?): Plush and comfortable - quite exceptional in this regard. After the first outing, I realized that I did not need to worry about bad feedback to my arm. This is quite possibly the most comfortable play I have played with (on par if not better than Isospeed Cream, and Volkl Vstar). That said, it was not mushy. It gave really great feedback and after I got used to it, my shots were very predictable. The pocketing was excellent - which allows great touch shots after you understand the feedback.

Spin: With a semi-western forehand I hit with moderate topspin. I use strings like TourBite to help generate more spin with the sharp edges. I found that while this string pockets well, I just did not get as much spin as I was expecting. What's also strange is that if you feel the string - run your fingers across it - even though it is round, there is something "rough" to it - at least for me. It does not have that "slick" feeling that you get from a Wilson Revolve, PRCW, or similar. So, I was expecting greater spin potential - but it was just about average. That said, the string snaps back into place well, likely due to it's elasticity.

Comfort: As mentioned in the power section - the unique aspect of this string is the plush comfort. It would be a great string for someone making the transition to Poly from syn-gut or multi. Also, this is likely a good string for those that have the occasional bout with TE.

Durability: I am not a string breaker, but I can tell pretty quickly when poly string falls out of the usable zone. So far, with 6 hrs on this string, I don't see any major notching or signs of breaking.

Playability Duration: The playability of this string has remained pretty constant through the first 6 hours. It was hard to tell the settle in period since it was so comfortable from the beginning and I had to take time to get used to the elasticity of plushness of the string - which was right off the bat.

Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not?: The string performed well at my poly reference tension setup so not sure I would change anything the next time. The only thing I want more of from this string is spin - and I am not sure if a different tension would change that enough to warrant what else might come with it.

Compare to string used most often: I use a gut/pol hybrid most of the time due to the comfort and power. I play 6+ hours a week and if I use straight poly too much, I start to feel stiffness in my wrist and arm. Depending upon who I am playing and their style, I have a couple rackets with full poly setups to emphasize more control and spin. This string actually compares well to gut/poly in the comfort and predictability. It does not produce as much spin, nor power - but I can see where this might be useful in my line up.

List any additional thoughts (optional): Interestingly, I am wondering how this might perform as a cross to gut. Given the durability, plushness and feedback it gives, I can see this potentially being a good cross, if the gut will snap back on it well. I have always liked Tourna's price points and this is no exception. Tourna Big Hitter Silver is my cross to Solinco Tour Bite due to its cost, and playability duration. This might also serve as a great candidate to a Solinco Tour Bite poly hybrid as well.

TW - thank you for the playtest. I think that Tourna has a winner here for the right players. It would be a great string for a teen moving from a syngut or multi. It is also a great candidate for those with sensitive arms and elbows - probably one of the best poly's for that.


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I strung up a MicroGel Prestige Pro with Grit/Synthetic recently but life and sickness has gotten in the way. Hope to get to hit with this and give some input on this string.
I'm really late on posting this, but winter break out of college and spending time with friends and family delayed this heavily. Let's get this review going, now.

  • Tension used: To begin with, I strung Tourna Grit at 52 pounds. Since I regularly use a 16G string at 50 pounds, I felt that going slightly higher on a 17G string would be a smart move.
  • Regular String setup: I always stick with Solinco Tour Bite 16 gauge at 48 to 52 pounds. I know some people find it stiff and jarring, but I find it gives great control, spin, etc.
  • Racket used for Test: Head Graphene 360 Speed MP
Now, for the string, itself.
  • Power: For some used to having a string that is a whole gauge lower, this string obviously felt different in terms of the pace given using a similar swing at the ball. I had more going for me, but it was a little too much on certain times. Overall, an 8/10. I've had springier polyester strings, but I feel like this was more of a gauge issue for me.
  • Feel: As I'm not too much of a feel-oriented player, I didn't focus on this too much. However, I did notice straight off the bat that this was a more comfortable and soft string, especially when compared to a string like Tour Bite, which has a reputation for being some of the more stiff strings out there. A solid 8/10.
  • Spin: This wasn't as spinny of a polyester string, even more so when I thought about Tour Bite. Although I am more of a flat hitter, it didn't bother me too much, but the Speed is definitely a spin racket. It wasn't too much, barely noticeable, at that, but the string did have a decline in spin when compared to my previous string. 7/10.
  • Durability: Haven't broken the string yet, so I'll let it slide with an 8.5/10. Pretty impressed, as I don't hit soft and this is a thinner gauge than what I'm accustomed to.
  • Playability Duration: This is another key aspect that I look for in strings. I like my strings to be the same, or as similar as they can be, from one day to another. I used to use Hyper-G and other strings like Wilson Revolve, Volkl Cyclone, etc. However, I found from my own personal experience that Tour Bite had the longest duration of playability. Tourna Grit definitely had that type of duration. It was slightly better than my experience of Tour Bite. 8.5/10.
  • Control: Probably the most important aspect, as most people who look to polyester strings seek control in their game. This string didn't overly shine, but it certainly did not disappoint. The only reason I found this lacking in any way, shape, or form was merely an adjustment to a thinner gauge. Once I adapted (or tried to) to the thinner gauge, I had no real issue with the string's control. 8.5/10.
  • Tension Recommendations: Gonna be honest and say this is a tricky part. I've been playing tennis for 4-5 years and still have trouble with this. All of my friends in high school and college string relatively in their 50s and over. On the contrary, however, my former coach strings in his low to mid 40s, and I found all of them to be good. Still, from personal experience and bias, I would recommend going a bit higher than 50 to 52 for more control, but lower to maximize the soft feel and spin.
  • Comparison to Tour Bite: When I took this into consideration with the Solinco string, I definitely had to think about the gauge. If Tour Bite 17 was my go-to, I most likely would not have found too much of a difference. Regardless, I found that my previous string was more spin and control oriented, but the Grit had a softer and more "friendlier" feel to it. Other than that, not too much is different, as I haven't broken the string in a matter of 2 weeks and don't usually break Tour Bite within that time period, as well.
  • Additional Thoughts: I don't recall using Prince XR 17, but I remember watching the playtest video of it. Think this should be similar to that.
Thank you Tennis Warehouse for the opportunity. Here is my review.

  • Tension(s) used for playtest – 56 lbs
  • Regular string set up – Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 (16g) or Volkl Cyclone yellow (16g)
  • Racquet used for test – Yonex DR98+ (stock)
  • Power of test string – slightly more powerful than my regular strings of choice but the ball didn’t flying on me. Took 20-30 minutes to get adjusted but never felt like I was holding back to reign in my shots. I would put this in the mid-range of polys for power.
  • Feel (Comfortable? Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? etc.,) SUPER COMFORTABLE! The ball was coming off the string bed so smooth, super feel on groundstrokes/serve you felt nothing in your arm/wrist/elbow/shoulder. Volleys were crisp and touch volleys were no problem for this poly. If you had any arm issues and still want the control of a poly you will want to test this string
  • Spin – Ample spin but less than BHB7 and Cyclone (and probably most shaped polys). I could tell my normal flight path and the ball dipping hard at the baseline wasn’t there like my normal string set up. The snap back and dwell time were fantastic allowing me to play point and shoot aggressive tennis but the ball wasn’t diving or jumping off the court like usual. I’m used to hitting shots that dive right at or on the lines and wasn’t getting the same dive but the control this string allowed I wasn’t missing long either.
  • Durability – Top notch. I have played over 15 hours with this string and although there was an initial drop in tension it has played very consistent since the first hour and no signs of wear/breaking/notching. I would recommend stringing a couple pounds higher than your normal tension to allow for the initial drop in tension and the slight power increase. However after that first drop I haven’t really noticed any change in play at all. My normal set up usually breaks (shaped poly notching) or tension has dropped more by the 10-12 hour mark.
  • Playability Duration – 15+ hours so far and I still reach for this racquet first
  • Control –This is on the more powerful side of polys I have tried but also a softer poly which allows for more dwell time and I was able to play as freely/aggressive as normal. Easy to hit my spots and a short adjustment period to the increase in power but never held back on my shots.
  • Tension Recommendations: if you installed this string again, would you use a different tension? Why/why not? I would string a couple pounds higher to allow for that initial loss of tension all strings have after stringing because I really like generating my own power and feel more confident with a higher tension. The control is more important to me than power in my string bed however I really enjoyed the mass amount of comfort this string provided.
  • Compare to string used most often – Outside of what I stated above it has a little less spin potential however feel, snap back, durability and tension maintenance is a little better.
  • List any additional thoughts (optional) – Overall I was impressed at the performance of this string in comparison with the many others I have tried over the last 18 months. My only knock is that the name grit gives the impression that it grabs similar to a shaped string or sandpaper even and it doesn’t seem to grab the ball so much as hold it for dwell time, if that makes sense. However in this test I may have found a viable contender to switch to if I continue having elbow issues (hurt outside of tennis). The comfort and playability is so good I wouldn’t feel like I was settling for a lesser option and the upsides would be worth the switch. I haven't played with a Tourna stirng I didn't like. They are underrated in my opinion and everyone should try them.
For reference, I am a 4.5 USTA player in Texas. I hit fairly flat, two handed backhand but hit a lot of slice backhands.

Tension(s) used for playtest: 47 Pounds on an Alpha Crank Tension Machine. Was pretty easy to string by poly string standards.

Regular string set up: Yonex Poly Tour Spin 16L at 47 Pounds

Racquet used for test: Pro Kennex Q+ 5 Pro

Power of test string: I thought it was comparably powered to YPTS, which in my experience is on the deader and lower powered side. In fact, the strings felt very similar, just with a round vs. hexagonal construction.

Feel (Comfortable? Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? etc.,): As stated above, it had a very similar feel to YTPS. However, it felt less comfortable and a bit more brassy/wiry. I felt like there was more vibration coming from the string, even with a dampener.

Spin: I hit fairly flat. I rely on YPTS to provide a little spin that I need. I noticed a bit less spin than YPTS.

Durability: I used the string for about 6 hours without any breakage or feeling of loss of tension. The string did seem to lose some of its brassiness and became a bit softer. Very minimal notching, but that also may be a factor of my relatively lower tension.

Playability Duration: After 6 hours, I felt like it was still very playable. No string movement.

Control: Great control as a result of the lower powered feeling. Ball would sail at times but I think thats more from me not being used to playing with a round string.

Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not? Yes, I would string a pound or two less just to add some comfort and hopefully take away some of the brassy/wiry feeling.

List any additional thoughts (optional): Personally, this was not a string that made me consider switching off of Yonex Poly Tour Spin. I don't know if I would go out of my way to recomend it either. However, I certainly see how it could fit someone who likes a lower powered string. Thanks again TW!
  • Tension(s) used for playtest: 48/44 lbf.

  • Regular string set up: No regular setup, I'm always tweaking and trying new things. I generally use double-copoly hybrids with a shaped string on the mains and a smooth/textured one on the crosses.

  • Racquet used for test: Felt like my Radical Tour Zebra was a good fit for this one.

  • Power of test string: Quite powerful. I use a rather beefy setup which provides plenty of power and this string definitely amplified that aspect of my setup. Ball was even flying at times, although I was generally able to control it (I'll get to that in the feel, spin, and control sections).

  • Feel: Certainly comfy, almost mushy but had some crispness thanks to the texture. Had great feel all around, I enjoyed this one quite a bit on touch shots and at net. It is almost the softness took a part in that, and it is also a large part of why the high power level was manageable.

  • Spin: Spin was slightly above average. Nothing special, definitely not in comparison to what I'm used to, but it was fine. As I sort of mentioned, this aspect helped reign in some of the power that I noted there was a lot of. Wish I could've hybrided, because this string definitely seems like it could work awesome one the crosses for even more spin generation.

  • Durability: Was fine. Broke this one just the other day, after about 6.5 hours of play. Polys for me udually break between 6 to 8 hours so it is not the most durable but also certainly not the least.

  • Playability Duration: Could've been better. The tension seemed to drop quite quickly after a couple of hours of play, and the texture wore off about equally as quickly. Nonetheless, the string held its own and so while the power became a little overwhelming for about the last hour of play it stayed manageable most of the way through. I'll again mention that I believe that my ability to hybrid here would have shown slightly different results with this string on the crosses of a nice main string.

  • Control: Was fine most of the way as mentioned. The spin and feel really saved the string here, as without them the control would've definitely lacked and the power would've been unmanageable. As I mentioned this happened towards the end and this was not the most pleasant time to play the setup I had in.

  • Tension Recommendations: Stringing this string again, I'd probably bump it up a little in terms of tension. My usual mid-high 40s tension was a bit too low here, but a drastic change needn't be made in my onion to find the appropriate tension (range).

  • Compare to string used most often: Comparing to my double-copoly hybrids, this one did everything slightly worse. Less spin and control than most, slightly less feel than most, and it didn't exactly shine in terms of durability or playability duration. Nonetheless, solid string and I'm hoping to use it in a hybrid later on.

  • List any additional thoughts (optional): Thanks as always to TW for the opportunity. Had an awesome time playtesting and I'm glad I got this opportunity from you. This is a sweet string, and I hope to keep trying it going forward.
  • Tension(s) used for playtest 54lbs
  • Regular string set up Signun pro yellow jacket @ 47lbs
  • Racquet used for test Dunlop 4D 300 tour
  • Power of test string- I waited for some reviews before I strung this up to see feedback about the power level. I uped the tension to accommodate for the power increase. I still found good power at higher tension. This string might be to powerful for me as I hit a flatter ball and depth control was hard.
  • Feel (Comfortable? Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? etc.,) I found this sting to be fairly comfortable and muted. It had decent ball pocketing on the baseline and fairly good feel at the net.
  • Spin- I would say average spin. The ball didn’t seem to dip in like normally. Kick serve barely had any kick on it.
  • Durability- I don’t break strings and these showed no sign of wear.
  • Playability Duration- since it’s winter here all playing was in doors so only 5 hours on these strings. I didn’t notice any difference in playability.
  • Control- I would say the control is good for directional shots but for depth it was to powerful to have good control.
  • Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not?- I would up tension by 3lbs to help control the power
  • Compare to string used most often
  • List any additional thoughts (optional)
Here is my review of Tourna Grit 17, Thank you to TW and Tourna for this opportunity.

Tension used for playtest:
47 LBS. Strung on a Babolat Star 5

Regular string set up:
I have recently made a switch to MSV Co-Focus 17L which I usually string in the high 40's.

Racquet used for playtest:
Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro

Power of test string:
I would say that the power level was medium. Groundstrokes still had solid power and depth and volleys felt crisp. Maybe just a bit less power than my MSV set up.

Feel: (Comfortable?, Stiff?, Mushy?, Muted? ,Crisp?)
My feeling is that Grit 17 is a very comfortable offering. Comfort is a big issue for me as I have had minor shoulder issues in the past. It may have been a bit stiffer than my current set up but still felt on the softer side. Grit had great ball pocketing and feel. It never felt mushy through the entire duration of the playtest.

The spin was just average in this string. I wasn't expecting it to be a spin monster, it's not a shaped or overly slick poly.

Durability was fantastic. I am not a string breaker so I didn't see any notching until about the 14-15th hour of the playtest. It would be a string that I cut out before I was close to breaking it.

Playability Duration:
This is where I felt that this string stood out for me. The string probably softened up at about the 11-12 hour mark but the playability was still great. Tension maintenance felt good as well.

Probably a bit more control oriented string than my current setup, that being said, I felt my directional control was great. I also had no negative experiences with attempting touch shots or precision lobs.

Tension Recommendation: if you strung this string again, would you use a different string strategy? Why/Why not?
If I was to use this string again I may drop the tension by a pound or two. My game needs a bit more free power and I think I could accomplish this with a bit of a tension drop.

Compare to string used most often:
Grit 17 plays a bit more stiff than my current set up and is certainly more of a control string than my MSV set up. Comfort level is a bit below as well.

List any additional thoughts (optional):
Don't be fooled by the name, the string is a round poly with a smooth texture. I thought it was a very good string and I would be interested in trying it in a hybrid.
Tourna Grit Play Test

  • Tension(s) used for playtest-55M 50C

  • Regular string set up-Hybrids like Volkyl Cyclone Tour 16G Mains and Wilson Revolve Crosses at same tension used for testing to keep all things similar for comparability.

  • Racquet used for test-Prince Tour 100T Esp

  • Power of test string-For me it was a little past medium powered string. Winter is so much different with strings compared to summer. Not sure how the string would react or change during the hot weather. Some strings just seem to turn mushy during the summer to where I just don’t care to use them.

  • Feel (Comfortable? Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? etc.,) It was very comfortable, but since I use Kevlar in the Summer it doesn’t take much for a string to be comfortable in a flexy Prince Racket. It felt somewhat muted but still produced some good touch for me.

  • Spin- What I put in is what I got in return. It’s not a spin helper and to fit the given name I feel it should be a more textured type of string.

  • Durability- It was better than what I expected. It broke during a 6th set on the 2nd day of using it in match play.

  • Playability Duration- Before it broke, it played much the same from beginning to end with just a little loss of distance control before it actually broke.

  • Control- Directional control was very good. I could point and shoot for small targets with good accuracy. It also worked very well for flat shots and that’s where I feel you can lose some from extra textured strings.

  • Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not? - I would only change the tension for the warmer weather. It played predictable at the tension it was strung at so no reason to change. It provided plenty of control and power.

  • Compare to string used most often- Not as much spin, but a little better directional control. Power felt about the same as did touch shots.

  • List any additional thoughts (optional)- When I was stringing it up I was surprised that there wasn’t that much stretch. I haven’t used WC Silver String for a few years but this brought back memories of it when I was stringing it. I would only use it as a cross string in a Hybrid Setup.
Thanks to TW for the privilege they give us to be able to playtest products new to us! We always seem to be looking for the Holy Grail of all things Tennis!
Tension(s) used for playtest: 52 lbs

Regular string set up: currently Solinco Tour Bite Soft at 52 lbs

Racquet used for test: Wilson RF97 Laver Cup

Power of test string: I felt this string had more power than my typical poly string. I would say its medium to higher in the power scale. Not as much power as a multi or natural gut, but still powerful for poly.

Feel (Comfortable? Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? etc.,): The strings felt comfortable and not too stiff. They were more on the crisp side but not as crisp as something like Luxilon Element. The ball pocketed in the strings very well, resulting in great feel and control at net. But by about the 3rd session, the strings had died and felt very muted.

Spin: Decent amount of spin but not as high as other polys. I was having a difficult time getting the ball to kick up above the shoulders.

Durability: During the 2nd session, I started to feel the tension loss, and strings started to move a lot more. After 10 hrs, strings have knotching, but no signs of breakage yet.

Playability Duration: By the 3rd session, I definitely felt the playability dropped off. Started to get less spin, more muted sounds, less power, and started to lose control on the ball.

Control: As previously stated about the slight lack of spin with this string, I felt it was more geared towards a point and shoot type of playstyle. When going from my down the line winners, I was able to hit my spots quite well, compared to my usual Tour Bite.

Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not?: I would try to go slightly looser, to see if I can get more access to spin in the first 10 hrs. After that, the tension will drop off, and would need a restring.

Compare to string used most often: Comparing to Tour Bite Soft, TBS grabs the ball a little more, more spin, more muted feel. Tourna Grit has the edge in power, control and feel. Durability is fairly similar.

List any additional thoughts (optional): Thank you to @TW Staff and Tourna for allowing me the opportunity to playtest and review great products. I love being able to share my opinions with all the tennis fans online and read about others experiences.

Tension used for playtest:
53/50 on a Gamma X-2

Regular string set up:
I usually use Solico Hyper-G 16L mains with Gosen OG Sheep Micro White 17 crosses, usually at 53M/55X.

Racquet used for playtest:
Wilson RF97A (stock setup)

Power of test string:
For a poly, this string definitely comes in higher in power than many polys I've tried. I usually use hybrid setups, so this was the first time playing with a full bed of poly in a while. I expected a drop-off in power, but instead was able to get some nice power right from the get go. Not sure this has to do with the nanoparticles, but who knows, maybe Tourna is on to something.

Feel: (Comfortable?, Stiff?, Mushy?, Muted? ,Crisp?)
The feel of Grit was really the opposite of its namesake. Pretty soft and plush for a poly and especially in a full bed. Not quite mushy or muted, but definitely could feel substantial ball pocketing. Combined with the power level of the string, I was starting to feel that "Grit" was a bit of a misnomer. Good "thwack" sounds being produced, which was pleasant.

In this department, I was surprised once again. The spin I was getting was average to a little below average for the poly strings I've played. The power and relative lack of spin had me adjust my strokes during the break-in to compensate. I really noticed this on second serves, where I had to exaggerate my motion a bit more than normal to increase my margins.

I've only about 5 hours on the string and tend to break strings fairly frequently, but there is not a lot of notching thus far. Would say this is better than average for a softer, powerful, smooth poly.

Playability Duration:
Since the string plays fairly plush, I expected the string to open up further and start to trampoline quickly. However, I'm glad to report the playability has stayed pretty constant throughout my hitting sessions.

Good directional control, but the lack of spin made it a bit difficult to vary my depth quickly and easily.

Tension Recommendation: if you strung this string again, would you use a different string strategy? Why/Why not?
I would maybe bump up the tension a couple of pounds to see if it could tame some of the power. Comfort would not be an issue for this string, so I wouldn't mind trying it out at a different tension.

Compare to string used most often:
Less spin, better durability, and definitely more pop. It was also softer and suffered a bit in the control department due to lack of spin.

List any additional thoughts (optional):
Overall an enjoyable playtest, although players who have no issue generating their own power may want try something else. I also think Tourna could think of a better name for the product, since it proved to be a bit of a misnomer for some of us playtesters!

Thanks so much to TW and Tourna for the experience!


Hall of Fame
  • Tension(s) used for playtest
    • 52 pounds
  • Regular string set up
    • Full bed of Prince Tour XR at 50 pounds.
  • Racquet used for test
    • Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.1
  • Power of test string
    • Quite powerful compared to what I'm used too. I strung it up a little tighter than I normally would because the string is pretty soft. Even with the increased tension, it took a few minutes to adjust to the extra tick of power I felt coming off the stringbed.
  • Feel (Comfortable? Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? etc.,)
    • Grit was one of the softest full-poly stringbeds I've ever experienced. It wasn't quite "mushy" but it wasn't far off, either. As I mentioned, the string itself felt really soft and had relaxed coil memory right out of the package. This translated into a comfortable full-poly set-up.
  • Spin
    • I felt that I was getting a little less spin than I'm accustomed to. For a poly string, the snapback wasn't extremely strong - that may have been a factor in reduced spin.
  • Durability
    • I didn't have a problem with durability per se, but I wouldn't keep this string in a frame for too long (see below).
  • Playability Duration
    • I enjoyed the string for about six hours of hitting and didn't notice a decrease in playability during that time. However, around the six hour mark, the stringbed felt pretty dead. Snapback was nearly gone (the strings still moved back some, but didn't remain straight like most polys I use). I felt an uptick in power as well, or rather, an uptick in lack of control.
  • Control
    • Once I adjusted to the slight decrease in spin, I had no complaints with control until I hit the six hour mark. Then the already soft stringbed began feeling more like a trampoline.
  • Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not?
    • In my HPS6.1, I normally would string a poly at 50 pounds, but a softer poly like Grit would probably need 54-55 or so. Keep in mind this is based on my preferences and experience.
  • Compare to string used most often
    • Softer and a little more comfy compared to Prince Tour XR, but not as much spin and less snapback. I'd like to try Grit at a 54-55 pounds to see how it behaves.
  • List any additional thoughts (optional)
    • A surprisingly solid string that made for a pretty comfy stringbed. As I said, I'd be interested in getting another pack sometime to try at a higher tension. I've always enjoyed Tourna strings in the past, and Grit follows in a line of solid strings that does everything pretty well, at least for this 4.5 doubles player.
Tension used for playtest:

Regular string set up:
I usually use either Volkl Cyclone Tour (16 - 1.30), Diadem Solstice Power 16L (1.25) or Solico Hyper-G 17 (1.25), full beds and usually between 52 and 55 pounds. For context, I am a 50-year old 4.5 (5.0 doubles) former college player who is left-handed with semi-western forehand and one-handed topspin backhand all-court aggressive player.

Racquet used for playtest:
Yonex EZone DR 98

Power of test string:
I found to be the power of this string to be one of its greatest attributes. Was able to really wind up and crack the ball and definitely able to hit a lot of winners from either wing. I know a lot of players like to generate their own power, but I happen to like a string that gives a little help in that department (a la Cyclone Tour) and this was one of those strings.

Feel: (Comfortable?, Stiff?, Mushy?, Muted? ,Crisp?)
Fairly decent feel for this string combined with a lot of comfort. I would describe it as neither soft, mushy or dead, nor crisp, firm or stiff. Rather, Grit seemed to be in the middle of those two descriptions with exceptional comfort.

This is about an average string for spin. While certainly not lacking that department, this string is nowhere near high spin polys like Ultra Cable, RPM Blast, etc. Notwithstanding, if I wanted to go for a heavier top spin stroke, I was able to do so without too much effort. But it was not easy to deliver biting slice one-handed backhands or extreme slice or kick serves.

I've played several sessions totaling about 8 hours on the string and was quite pleased with the durability. I tend to prefer a softer poly which pockets a bit more and those strings usually suffer in durability. I played 90 minutes last night (hours 6.5 - 8) and did not notice any measurable drop offs. If you asked me to name the two best traits of Tourna Grit, it would be the power and durability.

Playability Duration:
Very consistent playability throughout my multiple hitting sessions. I appreciated the consistency of this string and its characteristics from the first session to the most recent.

Would not describe this as a control string (most strings with good power sacrifice a bit of control), but I never felt as though I had great difficulty with my directional or depth execution.

Tension Recommendation: if you strung this string again, would you use a different string strategy? Why/Why not?
I could see 1-2 lbs. tighter (to reign in some of the power), but I'd be just as tempted to lower it by the same to really unleash a power beast of a string.

Compare to string used most often:
Similar in power to Cyclone Tour (but more power than Hyper G or Solstice Power), less pocketing that any of the others, equally as comfy as CT (and more so compared to Hyper-G or SP), less feel, less control, better durability and playability.

List any additional thoughts (optional):
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this playtest and really played some exceptional tennis during my sessions with this string. I could see myself adding Tourna Grit to my rotation of my usual strings and think Tourna has a winner on its hands.

Thank you TW (and Tourna) for the opportunity and look forward to more such experiences.
Tension(s) used for playtest: 50 pounds

Regular string set up: Multi mains and poly crosses at 50 pounds or below

Racquet used for test: Head Microgel Prestige Pro

Power of test string: I would consider this a medium power polyester string. I do tend to hit some flat groundies on occasion and those felt really nice and controlled when compared to my regular multi/poly setup.

Feel (Comfortable? Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? etc.,): I mostly played doubles and 1 on 2 tennis for this playtest. If feels comfortable for a full poly. I was able to volley with these strings with no problem and didn't get any elbow pain.

Spin: The spin produced from GRIT is much more than my regular setup. A lot of balls dipped right in at the last split second at the base line and took my opponents by surprise.

Durability: After about 15 hours of play time, I just noticed some notching.

Playability Duration: After about 15 hours of play with these strings I could feel that the softness and power went up just a touch. But still it is very controllable after the 15 hours of play time.

Control: Control is much better than my regular setup. Of course with full poly like this I had very few outs during this playtest. Most of the balls dipped into the court and I had a lot of unreturnable groundstrokes and service aces.

Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not?: I wouldn't change the string tension due to full poly above 50# usually hurt my elbow/arm even with the softest racquets. I would probably try this at 45# just to see how much more comfortable the feel would be.

Compare to string used most often: Grit compared to the multi/poly hybrid has more spin, control and just a little more stiff. I would like to try it as the poly in my usual hybrid just to see how much more control and spin it will give me.

List any additional thoughts (optional): I would like to thank TW and Tourna for this playtest. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to playtesting other strings in the future.
Tension(s) used for playtest: 53 pounds

Regular string set up: Solinco Hyper G at 51 pounds

Racquet used for test: Babolat Pure Aero

Power of test string: The power was a bit much for me. Not that the string had a lot of power, but the string had a very erratic powerful feeling that was not too consistent. For a poly, I would say above average power.

Feel (Comfortable? Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? etc.,): The string was not stiff at all. It was mildly crisp, but I would lean on saying it was more of a crsipy/muted feeling string. On my spin serves, the feeling was a bit too smooth for my taste, but on volleys is where the string shined. I knew exactly where all my shots were gonna. As for ground strokes, i'll elaborate more in the spin category

Spin: The spin was surprisingly average. It didn't really help me on my full western grip forehands, but I will say that for my flat backhands the unique crispy/muted feel helped me NOT spin the ball and really crush it. The string didn't slide too much on itself, so overall, spin wouldn't be the reason you would buy this string

Durability: The durability is above average considering it isn't really a stiff string. I broke it around the 16-17 hour mark

Playability Duration: The playability was suprisingly more consistent than I would have thought. It didn't really drop off as drastic as any average poly, at around the 7 hour mark is when the string started to die but only slightly and gradually.

Control: I have mixed feelings about the control of this string. While it did feel erratic, I knew exactly where the shots were going to go and actually had a "punch" to them. that being said, the control was average, yet had a different feeling to it which is unique for control in my opinion

Tension Recommendations: if you strung this string again, would you use a different tension strategy? Why/why not?: I would like to have gone way higher to see if its features remained or sort of would die off. I would say the low to mid 50s is a good start.

Compare to string used most often: Hyper G is still the standard for an affordable control/spin'power poly in my opinion. Hyper G is a bit more muted, but Tourna Grit was the more comfortable string by far. Overall, grit doesn't do one thing enough to make me switch

List any additional thoughts (optional): Even though it may sound a bit harsh, I would have expected a bit more from this string considering all the hype and the "revolutionary" tech going into it. Overall, just probably not for me. As always thanks TW and Tourna for the chance to playtest another product!!