Tennis Warehouse: Volkl V-Pro Blue (16,17,18) Playtest

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    Jan 26, 2016
    A bit about me before I start. I am about a 4.0-4.5 player, who mainly plays doubles. Huge kick and slice serve, as well as an extreme full western grip forehand ( as the username would indicate). Spin is a huge part of my game. Ironically my backhand is as flat as can be, but is my finishing shot

    What gauge did you receive?: I received the 17g, 1.23mm

    Tension(s) used for playtest: Mains was 51 pounds, crosses 53 pounds.

    If hybrid, please list tension of M's & X's as well as the partner string.: Mains were V-pro and crosses Klippermate neon syn gut 15l. Mains was 51 pounds, crosses 53 pounds.

    Regular string set up: Normally I either use Isospeed Baseline speed 16l in a full bed at 50 or in a hybrid with Klippermate neon syn gut 15l. I wanted a true apples to apples comparison for my go to hybrid so I just switched out the mains and put Vpro in the baseline's place

    Racquet used for test: Babolat Pure Aero

    Power of test string: Right off the stringer, for the first 4 or so hours the string felt somewhat stiff and boardy. After the first 6 hour mark, string settled in nicely and had a medium-ish power. I wouldn't consider power to be its strong suit, but it is slighty average for a poly until it does out

    Feel (Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? Boardy off-center?): At first it felt boardy, but once it settled in it loosened up and had a bit more feel. It was not mushy nor too muted. It had a bit of crisp to it, but not enough to consider it a crispy string in my opinion. Overall, a nice blend of crispiness and control.

    Spin: Because it is a somewhat slick poly, it had a decent amount of spin to it. I wouldn't say it has as much as an RPM blast or a Solinco Revolution, but it has as much as you'd expect from a round poly

    Comfort: Originally the comfort was not too great, as straight off the stringer it felt boardy and somewhat stiff. Once they settled in, it softened up a bit, but still I would not consider it as a soft string on its own. Once around the 15 hour mark, the playability died off and the string became quite harsh. Overall, somewhat average comfort for a poly.

    Durability: Because I used the 17g the string did break on me at around the 17 hour mark, which is pretty average for me with poly/syn gut hybrids. I would say the durability is pretty good

    Playability Duration: I'm sorry to sound like a broken record, but again, the string's playability is incredibly average. Like any other round poly, it feels somewhat "eh" for the first couple hours, then once it settles in its feel and playability increases and feels quite nice. At the 15+ hour mark it dies out and loses all playability. Overall, it is ok for what it aims to do

    Control: Here is where the string shines, sort of. The string feels control orientated, but I would not say is it completely muted and stiff like a tour bite or a volkl cyclone. It felt like a "watered down" control poly, if that makes any sense. The easisest way to describe it is a string with 65% control, 35% power .Overall, nice control string that has a right blend of control and power

    Compare to string used most often: Isospeed baseline has more pop and power than V-pro, but V-pro lasted longer in terms of playability and was more consistent throughout the playtest. Overall, both are pretty above average best bang-for-your-buck polys for those who don't look too much into their equipment or for the home-stringer

    List any additional thoughts (optional).: If anything else, the string's color is pretty cool :D. Thanks TW and Volkl for the opporunity for the playtest! Hoping to be here in the future for more great strings!
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    Nov 5, 2015
    Volkl V-Pro Blue (18) String Review
    • What gauge did you receive?
      • 18
    • Tension(s) used for playtest
      • 54 lb mains / 52 lb crosses
    • If hybrid, please list tension of M's & X's as well as the partner string.
      • I did not hybrid
    • Regular string setup
      • My regular setup: Pro’s Pro Concept 1.22mm 55
      • Recent setup: Pro’s Pro Red Devil 1.14mm 55
    • Racquet used for test
      • Yonex Dr 98
    • Power of test string
      • Medium Power.
      • Concept < Volkl Blue < Red Devil
      • This definitely gives some good pop, but it is medium powered for my taste. I prefer strong powered poly’s
    • Feel (Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? Boardy off-center?)
      • Lively and Stiff in the first 6 hours, then felt a bit more Mushy. Strung up in the yonex this gives off that ping sound when you hit. I don’t use a dampener when I play.
    • Spin
      • Volkl Blue < Red Devil < Concept
      • Excellent spin. Great on kick serves. I would give this 8/10 on spin. I used this string for a few hours on clay, and can recommend this as a good clay court string.
    • Comfort
      • Medium comfort again on this one.
      • Concept < Volkl Blue ≤ Red Devil
      • No arm pain from me. I just recovered from tennis elbow. For the majority of this year, I have been playing with gut main & poly cross.
    • Durability
      • I have not broken my strings after 6hrs of solid hitting. There are definitely some notches on the mains, I want to try to break these strings, which will probably be another 10-15hrs of solid hitting. So from durability stand point, it will last a long time.
    • Playability Duration
      • Hour .5-1 is settling time
      • Hours 2-8 is the peak performance time
      • Everything after this would be meh time but I usually play until it breaks
      • Concept < Volkl Blue ≤ Red Devil
    • Control
      • I would categorize this string as a control oriented poly. This will take some time to get used to if you are coming from a multi or syn gut, but I think this is more for people trying to maximize their spin potential while not breaking the bank. The control on this string is very good, but I would put it in the middle again. Red Devil < Volkl Blue < Concept
    • List any additional thoughts (optional).
      • This strings paints the ball blue
  3. SJSA

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    Sep 7, 2011
    Where Nike is
    What gauge did you receive: 17 gauge

    Tensions used for playtest: Volkl V-Pro 17G/Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 17G @52/55 lbs

    Regular string set up: Pro Supex Big Ace 17LG/Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 16G @55/58 lbs

    Racquet used for test: Prince Tour 100 16x18

    Power of test string: V-Pro is a medium powered for a co-poly. I lowered the tension for this string because the previous hybrid setup with Pro Supex Big Ace was stiff. This string is great balance between power and control. It was easy to get my groundstrokes deep in the court and my serves deep enough inside the service line.

    Feel: V-Pro is a soft poly string. I thought this string was stiff when I touched it out of the package, but it feels much softer and has a great ball pocketing. I could feel the ball penetrates deeply and nicely into the string bed whenever I hit the ball on the middle of racquet. However, I often felt boardy when hitting out of the center of racquet.

    Spin: V-pro gives me easy access spin but not exceptional for a co-poly. I don’t see any big spin potentials for this string compared to shaped or textured co-poly strings.

    Comfort: V-Pro 17g is a comfortable co-poly string. I was surprised its stiffness is lower than its 18g. I didn’t feel any harshness or pain on my elbow when this string was fresh (for first 15 hours).

    Durability: Durable. I am not a string breaker. I did’t see any niches or string movement with this string.

    Playability Duration: I played 14 and 8 hours of double and single games with this setup. I noticed it became boardy and lively (losing control) after 15 hours of play and It also started to trigger my elbow pain a little bit.

    Control: Control is one of my favorite aspects of this string. It is great for depth and direction control. I could hit my targets accurately and deep enough with this string.

    Compare to string used most often: Comparing to my recent hybrid setup (Big Ace) , V-Pro setup is more soft and control-oriented string. I also did playtest V-Star 2.5 years ago. I think V-Star is softer and more powerful but V-Pro has a crisp feel and better control. Around 50 lbs of tension will be ideal for this string.

    List any additional thoughts: V-Pro is a typical co-poly string but a soft and high quality string. This string will be great in hybrids for maximum comfort. I also really like its shiny deep blue color. It is a great color for summer.
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    Tulsa, OK
    • What gauge did you receive? 16 Gauge
    • Tension(s) used for playtest Full Bed 58lb
    • Regular string set up Ytex Pro Tour 16L 57lb Or T1 Firewire 16L 48lb
    • Racquet used for test Prince Tour Pro 100 ESP
    • Power of test string Medium Powered. Less power than YTEX Pro Tour in this frame, more power than T1 Firewire.
    • Feel (Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? Boardy off-center?) It is a medium-firm, string, but not uncomfortable. Off center hits do lose a little power, but do not cause excessive shock. It is not as muted as the YTEX Pro Tour. I can feel the ball well with this string. It plays more crisp than the YTEX, and a little more crisp than the original Silver V-Pro
    • Spin Spin was very good. Not crazy like Firewire, but I get more spin than many round polys I have used, It not quite Luxilon ALU Power, but on par with CyberFlash. I got more spin with this than WIlson Revlove or Yone Poly Pro Tour.
    • Comfort This does not qualify as a soft co-poly, however I find it slightly softer feeling that Volkl Cyclone. It didn't ever really bother my arm until the end of a match....when compared to a match played with YTEX Pro Tour, my arm never felt any unusual tenderness. I prefer a little more pocketing, and think this string would play great as a hybrid with a softer cross string. I felt the same way with the original V-Pro.
    • Durability I have only recently started using my Prince ESP 16x16 pattern racquet, and do break strings quicker than other frames-about 5-7 hours. In my other frames, I tend to either break or cut out Co-Poly strings around 8-10 hours, and these broke for me right around 6.5 hours.
    • Playability Duration I noticed the strings lost crispness, and started to feel looser about 4-5 hours, but the control remained good even with the tension loss.
    • Control The strings are great for control, they really helped keep my flat shots in the lines with my Prince. Flat shots tend to sail long with my Prince 100 ESP, this string was a good fit. I think this string has more control than Cyclone, especially on Flat shots.
    • Compare to string used most often I have been using YTEX Pro Tour 16L mainly with this stick, because it's a pretty good all around comfortably poly and I got a lot of it in a trade :) The V-Pro has a firmer feel with more control, spin and better durability and playability durability. The Ytex has more power, and better feel on touch shots and around the net.
    • List any additional thoughts (optional) V-Pro Blue 16 is a great string for the money. I find it to have slightly more bite and power (slightly) than the original Silver V-Pro. I like this string a lot, and would love to try it in a hybrid. Only negative, is I am not a huge fan of the translucent Blue color. The only thing keeping me from buying this string is that I personally prefer the softer shaped co-poly strings out there, like Gamma Moto Soft or Tour Bite Soft or T1 Strike Force Rip.
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