Tennis Yokohama area/lower Tokyo area

Hey everyone. I'm in Japan for about a month and I'd really like to get some hitting in. If anyone is in the Yokohama or Lower Tokyo area, I'd really like to get some hitting in sometime. I'll go as far north as Sugamo if you know of cheap courts. I've read they can be as cheap as 200 yen an hour =) Please let me know, thank you!


Hi there, what is ur level?? Im a 5.5. so if ur close or better id love to play, i arrive in Tokyo sunday morning to watch the tokyo open and experience japan for the first time. Dont have tickets, dont know where ill stay or where venue is, so any tips will be much appreciated.
Hey thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I'm well below 5.5, more like 3.5.

As for places to play tennis.. I would google or search old TT threads. I don't know where you usually play but court times are VERY hard to come by from what I hear especially in the city. There usually large waiting lists. You could probably find courts on the outskirts of the city with a shorter waiting list or none for approximately 200 yen/hour = about $3/hour.

For places to stay, it really depends on your budget. There are many hostels in Tokyo as well as luxury hotels. I'm not sure about near the tennis park area. If you like busy areas, I would recommend staying in the Shibuya, Shinjuku, Meguro, Ebisu, or Roppongi areas for example. Roppongi is one of the most foreigner populated areas in Tokyo if that's your thing.

Also if you're looking to check out tennis equipment, check out Windsor Tennis or Eddy's Tennis in Shibuya. The rackets are more expensive considering the dollar to yen conversion but there are a ton of selections; especially at Windsor. Keep in mind these shops are Japanese run and owned so you will need to know some Japanese if you don't exactly know what you want.

Perhaps we could meet up for drinks if you have time? Japan is a very meet, chill and drink culture so I hope you don't take offense to me asking. I'd be very interested to hear your experiences as a 5.5 player.

Cheers and enjoy your first trip to Japan!
:( unfortunately I had to leave early on the 12th. I'm back in the states now. Hope you find time to play! It's so beautiful still in Japan.
Coming back to Japan!!

Hey everyone!!

Just to let you know I'll be coming back to Japan come March if anyone is looking for a partner. Unfortunately I'm not sure where my job is going to place me yet. Looks like it might be somewhere in Ibaraki ken. Hopefully some of you guys live in Saitama ken or close to Saitama so I can come down there sometimes before going to Tokyo.

PS: everyone please feel free to use this thread to find partners in the Kanto area. I realize those who are living in Japan and are on TT are far and few so opening this up to the entire Kanto area should help!



Wow, randomly saw this thread got updated.

Same here, if anyone is around Yokohama/Yokosuka/Tokyo and wants to play, hit me up!

Likewise, if anyone is new and wants tennis-related info, I've been here a few years now and may be able to help.


Sorry to hijack but...

Anyone going to the DC rubber in Osaka at the Namihaya Dome? Just looking for traveler tips, recs, etc....
Raygo: what a coincidence eh! You know I'm considering coming to Japan early before I start my job. Very likely I'll be staying at my friend's place in Yokohama again. If you wanna hit sometime in March-April, let me know. What level are approximately at by the way?

Bookem: No worries. Look to stay at hostels if that's your thing. You can find single occupancies if you prefer close to a hotel experience. It'll save you a lot of money. How long are you going to be in Osaka for? If a couple days, get a reloadable pass from the train station so you can travel all around the city no problem. If you're going to be there briefly, get an all you can ride for a day pass. As for places to go, google bars, izakayas (bar/restaraunts) to visit. I dunno how good your Japanese is so I'm not sure what I can recommend you. Also Osaka is a relatively foreign friendly area and have a few hot spots for foreigners to hang out if that's your thing. Let me know if there's anything else you need but I am not very familiar with Osaka. Hope that helps!


Hey, Breakaz54z! The weather should be warming up by then (it just snowed for the first time this winter). What part of Yokohama? Shoot me a PM, I'm no touring pro but I can hold my own. :)


Dude, wander up to YC&AC near Yamate station. Hop in a taxi at the station if you can't find it, all the taxi drivers know where it is. It's a great club and you will find players of your level there. It is an amazing facility - it's not particularly cheap though but they will work something out with you for the month I'm sure.
Hey Raygo, PM sent! Sounds good. Enjoy the snow while you can. I hear it doesn't snow often in Tokyo! But I've seen some beautiful beautiful pictures from Akita-ken area!!

Goldenyama: thanks for the tip! I've looked into it before when I was there. The prices are crazy unless you know a good deal? I can't afford to hit there but I'd love to!


GY, i also have not yet played at YC&AC but have access to free hard courts. i was lucky enough to meet some 6.0's and an ex-ATP player who play in Yokosuka (where I work), gas & tolls is cheaper than a membership (but still expensive). Love your sig, btw, saw Kimiko up close at the Rakuten Open this year. :)

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you all an update.

I'll be living out in Chikusei aka off of Shimodate station in Ibaraki. If any of you are in the Ibaraki area, it'd be great if we could get together to hit!

As I said before, please feel free to use this thread for the entire Kanto area. Heck all of Japan even? I'll probably open up another thread for the Ibaraki area just in case.


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