tennis_nut is the best seller!

I bought two racquets from him. They were lost after he shipped them USPS 2 day priority mail on December 15th. He was honestly more concerned about me not getting them by Christmas than he was about the $210 and he refunded the entire amount. He even offered to pay for the shipping back to him! Who does that? I would give him the highest grade as a seller and a stand up guy.
No one is better!
I refunded the buyers money after the racquets had not shown up 7 days after being shipped. The issue we were having was that there was no tracking info for the package after it was picked up by USPS on the 15th. We both assumed that it was lost so I went ahead and refunded the money. I then told him that if the racquets did eventually show up, to let me know and I would send him the money to ship them back to me. He was very nice and said that he would split the shipping cost but I told him that I did not want him to lose any money on the deal and that I would pay for the return shipping if they ever did show up. He is a very nice, honest, and stand up guy!


Not sure why it's not letting me post a thread for a reference to tennis_nut? Is it because I'm so new? I would like to leave him a great reference. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? Help! Lol.