TennisMastery Help w/2-H FH Dilemma

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by Bama'sBest, May 15, 2007.

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    Feb 24, 2004
    Your advice has been awesome in assisting w/my 6-yr old's girls development, most notably switching to placing her non-dominant hand on top for her FH. It took awhile to transition (2-3 weeks) but now, months later, it's a really reliable stroke. Also, as predicted, when she attempts a one handed FH, it looks very orthodox and, quite honestly, it looks as if she could make the switch now (though I don't want her to--I'd prefer she play a la Seles...2H primary, 1H when stretched...but we'll see).

    Anyhow, there has been one negative side effect. Back when she used to switch hands b/w FH and BH (a la JM Gambill) she naturally had to reset the racquet face and as such she was hitting with a nice orientation (not too open or too closed on either side). But after I switched her to your technique I got deployed for 4 months (military) and I couldn't oversee the transition so well; the side effect from attending hitting clinics has been that she now hits her BH with a bit of an open face (basically keeping the grip the same from FH to BH). She's pretty consistent like this but as you know this leads to a high to low motion imparting slice.

    Any tips on how to undue this so that we can get to her lback to her low to high topspin swing?

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    Since she is 6 years old, I would get a PracticeHit (go to for info), and keep her off the court for a week or two. Only spend about 3 to 5 minutes a couple times a day at most, and have her hit twenty to thirty forehand (and backhand) strokes using the stroke pattern you most want for her.

    After this, take her back on the court and only do drop-hits with her emulating the same form she should now be comfortable with from the Practice Hit sessions.

    Progress to sharp angle topspins from well outside the alley hitting crosscourt to help her feel the racquet getting around the ball.

    After a week or two, (depending on how often you are getting out with her), work on tosses to her (still working on the sharp angles...I find this pattern opens their eyes to how they can indeed hit more angles) and have her hit down the line from this same side (so she can learn to bring the ball back into the court when hitting down the line).

    If you haven't seen my series on training an 8-year old, check the 5 segments I have done on training my daughter for There are many video clips of this exact progression including the sharp angle drills I mentioned. (Also, check out the two article I did on "Rounding Out Drills" in the lesson library.. there are video clips and text on many of the drills with more advanced players demonstrating them).

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. I will be on vacation for the next ten days so, if I fail to answer a question here on this site or my e-mail, I'll get on as soon as I can to help out where ever I can.

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