Tennys Sandgren?

Tennys had a mediocre summer---won a doubles title with Rhyne Williams---but he's not playing great this season. Is college tennis slowing him down? How long will he stay in college tennis?


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Everybody has a few months where they are in the doldrums, not going anywhere. The good players shake it off eventually. Tennys is a good player. I am a Virginia fan, but I think he will be a top collegian before he is done. He should have been in high school last spring, and is just now the proper age to be in college.
It was a joke. Anytime a player loses, poasters immediately proclaim the player is Finnish.

I always root for players I’ve followed from the futures tour. I have great memories of his tightly contested match against the now retired jarmere jenkins. Fun match to watch in person.
Fluke in what sense? That he won't make a grand slam quarterfinal again? Yeah probably. But he's shown he can be a solid top 100 player. He just won the Auckland 250 to start the 2019 season.
Yes, exactly. It’s no easy feat to crack the top 100. Not many players are able to do it.

I do wonder if he expended so much energy and peaked too early in winning Auckland that he didn’t have enough gas in the tank for the AO.


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I recently heard him interviewed on the Payers & Players podcast. Very interesting interview covering his early training and juniors competition.