TENS Machine on tennis Elbow


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While I have used TENS for other pain sites, I have only used it a few times for TE (tennis elbow). My bouts with TE have usually been mild and of short duration. While the TENS appeared to have helped with pain management, it seems doubtful that is actually aids much, if at all, in healing. Ice and ice massage does a pretty job with TE.

I do not have any specific suggestions from my own experience on settings or electrode placement except to say that experimentation on your part should help. However, the following web site does provide some suggestions:


Below are some other sites that mention the use or efficacy of TENS for TE or tendinopathy, in general. Doesn't appear that there is much extensive testing with TENS for elbow tendinopathy.




^^just adding to what SA mentions above.....

I've never "healed" anything using TENS or E-stim on any of my patients.
It was good for pain management, but was only temporary.

If using a TENS unit for pain, then the best place to put the pads is right on the area of pain.