terrible pain


terrible pain
I am in my mid 30s and an avid tennis player and work out twice a week.

Need my exercise and have to sweat it out everyday.
However over the last week have developed a terrible pain behind my right shoulder lower down where my shoulder blade ends and connects to my back.

I worked out yesterday and played light tennis but woke up in even worse pain. Such pain that I am considering having pain medication.

Specifically Nuberol forte vs Ternaline.

Q1. Any ideas as to which one is better with less side effects or any other better recommendations out there? Do pain medications solve issue over time or does no healing occur?

Q2. What is the best treatment to fix this issue in my shoulder?



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Pain is an indication that something is wrong. Best to seek some expert help to find out what that is. Diagnosis from a medical expert is certainly part of that help. If you suspect that the pain is caused as a result of your tennis, you should also have a tennis expert analyze your strokes as well. Or was the pain caused as a result of your gym workout?

Pain management can help with healing. However, pain medications, themselves, will not cure your problem. Have you tried ice or heat? How about stretches (both static and dynamic)? Check with a physical therapist (or chiro). Foam rolling and muscle/fascia release might help. The latter can be accomplished with ART or MFR (myo-fascial release) therapy.


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I have a friend that had an injury and let it go to heal on his own. It was in the same area as yours and what happened is that some connecting piece (ligament, tendon, etc.) was detached. The pain eventually went away but he lost strength there. He eventually had it looked at (scan of some kind) and they told him that it could have been reattached if it were caught soon enough but it contracted making it a lot harder to reattach. He waited six months to get it looked at.

My experience is that the body heals itself in the vast majority of cases but sometimes it can't.


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No self-help advice should be given here, and I'm speaking as a doctor.

There's a major nerve that runs in that area. Or if it's a tendon or ligament, it will turn fibrous in the next few weeks (a type of healing but an un-ideal type of healing.) We don't know what the cause is, and I won't try to diagnose on an internet forum.

Go get it looked at. Good bye.