Terrible shopping experience with Tennis Warehouse


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Just to share a terrible shopping experience with TW with you all.

I ordered a few items on Sep 6th and got order confirmation within reasonable time. One of the items are 2 pairs of adidas Barricade Boost Men's Pk/Sil 9.0 .

On Sep 18th, TW emailed me talking about a delay of the delivery as items of my order are stored in different facilities and need to be make a transfer between facilities before they can start the delivery. At this stage, all the items are appeared to be in stock. On Sep 20th, when I try to check the order status online, I found out myself that the order of my Adidas Barricade changed from 2 pairs to 1. I emailed TW immediately to clarify then they replied that they have inventory error and only 1 pair will be allocated to me.

What is even more confusing is that at the moment, the Adidas Barricade of size US 9.0 is still available on their web. Then I emailed them to clarify again on Sep 21. Then emailed me back saying it was their mistake and I confirmed them the next day that I would like to proceed with the order.

On Sep 24, TW emailed me again saying that there is a inventory error again that no more Adidas Barricade will be allocated to my order.

Then on Sep 27, they emailed me again saying as the ordered was amended a few times, they posted pending charges on my credit card a few times and as it is an international order, I have to contact my own bank to clear them.

I emailed them to ask for an official complain channel and they keep on just apologizing and said their management was informed about the issue. But gave me no way to make an official complain.

So in short, they made inventory error 2 times and within that period, they are still selling the same item on their web. I also have the clear the pending charge on credit card myself. And at the end, did not offer me an official channel to complain to.

So please think twice before you wanna make an order on TW especially if your order is an international one!


Their European store customer service is not doing great as well. I placed a few orders with the in the past and they were quite ok. Maybe they reduced the staff or I don't know what.

TW Staff


I am so sorry your experience was not up to our expectations. This is not like us and we would like to make it right. A customer service manager should be reaching out to you shortly. We do appreciate your business and hope we can make it up to you.

Brittany, TW