Tf40 305 stringing instructions?


Anywhere you see fit. I never understood people having to rely on stringing instruction to string a racquet. If you're a beginner then maybe that makes sense, but if you've been stringing racquets, it becomes common sense to know where to skip holes and where to tie off. With that said, never follow Wilson's tie-off instruction, they have the stupidest instruction. Sorry if it feels like I'm ranting.

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I'm not sure what a Tf40 305 is but maybe you can find the instructions at the Klippermate site here:


Ask @Tecnifibre Official to reply. Or ask that they post the information on their website. Or ask KM via email. KM does reply and they are nice people. 8-B

I opine that mains will tie off at either 7T or 9T. I think crosses tie off at 6H and 6T.
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The closest hole that is big enough, right? It is actually easier to spot them on the TF's, because the tie off holes have a sort of collar around them, and it says "lock eylet" on the frame next to them.