Tfight 295

Ross K

Anyone at all played with this care to share their thoughts...

I've been surprised and impressed with the lighter 280 model but can't help wondering about the 295 as it carries a bit more weight.

With the 280 I'm liking the 16/20, the 100" hoop-size (just can't quite get on with the usual TF 95" head, and, for different reasons, wasn't overly keen on the TFlash Speedflex 100), the relative consistent response, relative solidness, the control/power combination, and of course, the speed of the thing (though that has been an issue on serves, 1st serves especially.)

But how about the stiffer, slightly different balance etc of the 295?




VERY interested in the 295 MP 16x20, but seems like the single TW Feedback comments are only proof of existence.....

Please provide any feedback if familiar w this frame