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    Thanks Kevo for hitting with me when I was visiting Texas. After meeting you and seeing your group that meets at Wylie HS, I decided to try something similar up here in Columbus, OH and so far, so good. This Saturday will make our third week and I've had good success getting strangers out to play. The first Saturday, we had 4 players and we met, hit, and then played a 6 game round robin. We played again on Sunday and had 4 players but 2 were new and did the same. The next Saturday we had 7 players followed by 6 on Sunday and 3 were different. That brings my total up to about 12 different players.

    Our levels are all similar too. It is also interesting how we all arrived to meet and play as nearly all of us had similar stories of once playing competitively in high school or college and quitting the game when we.....couldn't find quality competition or anyone to play tennis, couldn't afford to pay $30/hour for a court, or life simply got in the way. Now, I have an entire list of players and many opportunities to play and everyone is grateful.

    Where did I find them? Some I found through Craigslist, some I knew, and others I just approached as they were playing on neighboring courts and invited them to play. I am expecting 6-10 guys Saturday so I am starting to worry that 5 courts might not be enough room for all of us. What a problem!? Just last year, I might've found myself all alone with just a ball machine.

    If anyone finds themself in the Columbus, OH or Worthington or Dublin area and is needing a playing partner, I am sure I can help.

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