that corner camera angle in the nadal-agassi match


did anyone else really like that camera angle they used on one of the points when it was kinda zoomed out and at the corner? I thought it made the court loo alot longer and made it seem like the ball was moving quite a bit faster, i wish they would use that more, anything other than what they do now. and on a different note, did anyone notice nadal picking a wedgie almost every other point?


My brother and his friend were over during that point, and they both thought that was a really neat camera angle. I think they should use that angle more often, as it really gives you a better idea of the speed and spin, and angle that these guys are creating out their.

Haka Boy

oh yeah that atomic wedgie thing he does has been a subject here many times.

Nobody could suffer a continuous wedgie like that. It has to be a nervous / superstitious thing on his part.

Can’t believe that Bond’s haven’t offered him a sponsorship deal yet to rectify the problem.


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That was a really good angle, and I think a first for tv coverage. I've never seen it used before. Watching that point from that abgle made the difference in the pros from us hackers a lot more apparent as you could see the consistency, pace and depth on each shot. The usual overhead view flattens everything out and its harder to appreciate just how fast the ball is moving.

joe sch

I also really liked that camear angle. It was great for better seeing the trajectories on the hits, which is not soo evident on Nadals extreme topspins. Why dont they show it more often ??? Such a nice feature and it goes waisted. Guess this was just to tease up ;) In the future, it will be a user selectable option, like it is with many video games. Nice post !


i loved it too, it also really bugged me because some times when nadal was on the near side of the court and he hit some of his heavier topspin shots it would look like the ball was flying out, but yeah, you can really tell how fast paced it is with an angle like that. i remember watching some 5.5 matches at my club and thinking how much impressive that looked than any pro match ive seen on TV. the only reason i could think that they wouldnt use that angle is it was very zoomed out and i guess if there were more generic looking people playing it would be harder to recognize them (although that seems like a bad reason) and i kinda do think that nadal's wedgie is just a habit, i cant really imagine that he would wear underwear that gave him a wedgie every time he took 3 steps.
Dug the artsy camera angle...go on now with yo' bad self, ESPN!

More importantly, I'm happy that Haka Boy used the words, "Atomic wedgie and RECTify" in the same post!

Matt H.

that angle made it look like you were watching live from the upper deck.

Reminds me of my nosebleed tickets i've gotten for the NASDAQ center court past 2 years. lol


Man, I've been saying for a while now that one of the biggest problems with tennis is that stupid, from the nosebleeds shot they use as the default. That angle sucks. At least it does when you have to watch the whole match that way. YES, I'm a big fan of this angle, and I hope they realize that for the non-tennis fan, an angle like that is more likely to keep a person on that channel, maybe even convert him/her into a fan, than the angle where the players look like two cockroaches.


i thought that it looked cool and you really got a better sense of pace and spin. it's not the kind i'd go with mainly (i'd keep the 12 to 6 oclock standard version) but it would be nice for replays of big points of just to shake things up.


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That angle is great, I'm sure they don't use it as much because it makes it look like nosebleed seats. It really does duplicate the speed and angles of live tennis though, the normal angle makes the ball seem much slower. I wish they'd show it more also.


IIRC, the BBC shows a greater variety of angles than the American networks. It's really been frustrating trying to visualize the action Rafa puts on his ball when all you have to rely on is a 2-dimensional picture and P-Mac's commentary. I want to see what they're talking about--that one point from that camera angle was helpful. Wished they'd use that angle to show the replay of points.

Nice thread.