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  1. xtremerunnerars

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Right behind you, but i'll be gone before you fini
    It seems like a lot of us have coaches, some are more instructors though (which is my case).

    Is there one coach or a couple coaches who have really been there for you, or helped you a ton with your game?

    I haven't been playing too well at clinics, but i have been working very hard with a club pro and really enjoy the lessons. I am drastically improving, but it doesn't always translate.

    At clinic today, they were assigning kids to courts, and one instructor (who i don't really like a whole lot...) said under his breath to my coach "I don't think anthony can play with these guys." My instructor quickly and firmly said that I could and just to watch me play.

    They must have thought i didn't hear anything, as they were a pretty good distance and were speaking softly. I am really grateful to my coach for sticking up for me and giving me that chance.

    I ended up playing the best out of the 6 guys, and I played hard to prove my coach right. I got a lot of "wow great shot" from that pro i don't really like. I can't express the gratitude for my coach, but i'm going to tell him that i really appreciate it tomorrow.

    Any similar stories?
  2. NbladeTopspin

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    Dec 18, 2006
    was ur coach just there for u??
  3. FEDEX1

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    Jan 19, 2007
    i sort of have a coach. Me and my auncle play together from around April-September. He helps me with my game the usual coach stuff. The other part of the year when we dont get to play together to due weather in Massachusetts and the school year i play at the local YMCA
  4. Duzza

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    Nov 1, 2005
    Melbourne, VIC, Australia
    I used to have lessons every week with a guy my standard. Got so sick of it. Theres a limit to how long you can stand a coach not helping. I recently met another coach, going there every month or so and he is the best thing I have ever done for my tennis. Knows my game completely.
  5. Sagittar

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    Dec 14, 2006
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    well i can't seem to have met someone like that , would be nice though ..
  6. Puredrivetennis

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    Jan 30, 2006
    Great story rars-- it's always good to see pro's stepping up to help. I was the same, sort of; during the awkward teenager stage, battling growth spurts and erratic emotions (ie rage), I was essentially lost during my teen years.. When I was 16, just after the clay court season and coming off a big tournament win to be seeded 2nd and 1st in the next two tournaments, I lost in the first round, shocking both myself and the tennis community here. I was freaking out (just look at my racquets, haha)-- I could not figure out for the life of me why I was losing after having such a good indoor and clay season. The next week, on court with a practice partner, I was approached by my now current coach. I had seen him around the open circuit, and watched one or two of his matches, but never talked to him more than a casual "hello" in the locker room or at a player social. Over the next couple of weeks, we got to hitting more and more, and he started to act out the subtle coaching duties, coming to hit every morning after fitness, talking of how he scouted threats in the upcoming tournaments, and what we would work on that day. He would tape us, and we would review it for hours on end. His pursuit and desire for me to succeed was relentless; I knew that this reflected on my hunger and drive to win, and I loved it. I won the next four straight tournaments, and have never felt better swinging a racquet. After winning the last, just three weeks ago, he stated to me that I had earned everything, and that he would officially call himself my coach. I have never been prouder or more confident in my entire life. I now enjoy everything I do, whether it's him picking me up to go to fitness at 5am before class, goofing around playing hozelrocket, or working my hardest every point and feeling good about it, thanks to my coach, I know I can do whatever it is that I set my mind to.

    I encourage all of you, whether you are a highly competitive junior, or a recreational adult, or anything to create these bonds with those who wish to help you; trust me, you won't regret it.
  7. looseswing

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    Apr 30, 2006
    Garden State
    Great stories guys.

    I just recently got a new coach who is excellent- he really likes the game and teaching it, but he also respects it. He is the first coach who really has a long term game plan for me and I really appreciate it. Props to all the good coaches out there!
  8. 4brotherdrive

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    Oct 7, 2006
    Well my first coach was really good. He thought I could play high level tennis if I put my mind to it, and would let me stay after the lesson if he could. He was this old chilean that use to be a pro and it's rumoured that he won ViƱa del Mar. He really wanted me to improve, and coached 2 of my younger brothers and he also cares about them, he gave me and my youngest brother our entire game, minus my backhand which i got with another coach. He is more than a coach he is a friend, we have eaten at my house, and he plays doubles with my dad and gives everybody tennis advice. One day he wanted me and two of my brothers to play doubles with an underlevel kid, and on a wet court. To avoid telling him that we didnt want to play i said that the court was too wet. He invites me and one of my brothers to the class, he didnt instruct me because he taught me it and he was busy with the other kids. We played a game called king of the court and it wasn't fair to the other kids because they where just beginning. My dad, my brother and a former pro where hitting it and where looking for someone to play doubles with, so i told my coach that i was going to go play he got mad and said he wouldnt invite me again. I feel bad about and I dunno if I am at wrong?!?!?!

    My current coach which is business partners with my old coach is good and teaches well, but he is bitter. You can really tell that he is in it for the money because he knows that he could let us stay a while longer and he kicks us out once our time is up. He has favoratism towards his Chilean and Venezuelan students, and total kiss up with my dad(who he also coaches). Bottome line is that when you have a good coach cherish him, they are worth gold. I had to bump this thread sorry guys :).
  9. downey stringing master

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    Dec 27, 2006
    my coach travells around with me all the time , we sit down discuss , write down briefs tactics and keep files on each player how many errors weak [points etc and go through videos and powerpoints stuff , tension and string for that court temperature , what diets trainigning , he used to be a tour pro , so who better to learn from ;)

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