The 2021 Rome masters 1000 R16 matchup :- (2) Rafael Nadal [ESP] versus (13) Denis Shapovalov [CAN]

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This is the 5th meeting between the pair, 2nd overall on clay.

H2H is split 2-2 with one of shapo's victories not being an actual win, but a walkover from the Spaniard in the 2019 paris masters semi final.

Shapovalov is the defending semi finalist here, who lost a marathon match to Diego Schwartzman last year, who had already beaten nadal in straight sets a round before in the quarter final.

Discuss your opinions about this matchup and vote in the poll, lovely ladies and gentlemen, my fellow ttw posters.

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-Carl Thompson


Shapo the rapper will be starting a new genre of music called ‘Blues rap’ as he will be feeling pretty blue after the smackdown he is going to get from the King of Clay.


Result is irrelevant. This is great practice for Rafa so hopefully Dennis shows up and plays well.
The match v Sinner was really positive, what we all want is Nadal to keep improving so would like to see his DTLFH more consistent and his flat serve out wide on duece court more consistent and beauty is playing a left hander will make use those tools more.
How will you all celebrate should Rafa defy the odds and get 21. That he is even in the conversation is amazing. 35!!!! The guy should be on senior tour. What a legend. Goatdal forever


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Another match for rafa to improve his Forehand DTL which will help a lot in potential rematch with Zverev. An easy win for rafa I feel 6-3 6-2


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Thanks and regards,
-Carl Thompson
the Carl Thompson?

Seriously though, I don't think this match can be competitive unless Shapo has a really good day. If he's playing decently, I still expect Nadal to kinda hold out until Parapa has a bad service game, and then consolidate for the set. I'd love to be wrong, though.


This set is going by fast, then Shapo will inflict the coup de grace after the first set by playing a mixtape of his latest rap stylings.

By the way things are going in Nadal's clay season, he plans to enter Geneva as a wildcard so he can lose to Roger.