The Australian Open YouTube channel is a disgrace

Why would they have posted a video about PCB’s meltdown? It just paints a bad light onto a normally cool player. What clowns operate the channel? This is inexcusable.
agreed !
but seriously(!), it's a bit of a nasty 'take' (those videos monitoring his frustration along the corridors)... i'm surprised the AO guys posted that! :confused:
i guess they do anything to get attention... :unsure:

...and needless to say, we fall for it :giggle:


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So........ the AO tennis youtube channel reported on something that happened at the AO and your complaining about it?

If someones there holding a gun to your head and forcing you to watch it you can always call the cops......
I was surprised but don’t see an issue with posting the meltdown on court. I think it was not wise to share the video of him walking back to the changing rooms though