The battle of the Roughs!


Had the opportunity to test:
Head Hawk Rough
ALU rough
Kirschbaum Rough
Setup: all three rackets strung with gut in the mains at 54lbs, Rough in crosses at 48lbs.
all rackets are matched, 95 sq in head
I have been using ALU Rough in my crosses for a while and was curious to see how Other roughs perform compared to the benchmark.

ALU rough is a great string, predictable from the get go, however, goes dead quickly. It is great when fresh and great feedback but very harsh when dead

the Kirschbaum Rough felt stiffer initially and stayed that way as the stiffest of the three. Better tension maintenance than ALU. The feedback is so-so.

I was most impressed with the Hawk Rough. Initially, it was less communicative but quickly settled and became very much like the “fresh” ALU. Excellent feedback, excellent feedback and the softest of the three after initial 30 minutes. The tension maintenance is excellent. I am about to cut out the ALU setup but Hawk Rough holds the tension real well.

Hawk Rough is Definitely my favorite Rough string gong forward!


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Which frame? I had the same impression for max power which since it requires low tension can make a gut hybrid with high tension differential between mains and crosses awkward.


a week later, feels like ALU is about done while Hawk feels like still solid.
also the overall bed tension is now about 9% lower with ALU

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Solinco tour bite diamond rough.
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So, have been using the Hawk Rough 125 in the crosses for a while and really like it a lot. It is still alive vs. ALU rough (same play time, matched rackets and tension) that feels ready for replacement. However, looks like the gut will give out first and I expect it to pop on both about the same time (and same location).

I am curious to hear the feedback from those that used Hawk Rough in fill bed.


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yellow rpm rough 17 in crosses felt great for me, good pop, lively, soft feel

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