The best Match Nadal has played but lost??

which one, folks??

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Bionic Poster
Who wins these matchups and in how many sets?

1. Berdych AO 09 vs Roddick AO 09 QF
2. Isner RG 11 vs Murray RG 11
3. Nadal RG 09 4R vs Federer RG 10 QF
4. Sampras RG 94 vs Berdych RG 10
5. Nadal AO 14 SF vs Djokovic AO 14 QF
6. Roddick Wim 03 SF vs Federer Wim 14 F
7. Federer Wim 04 F vs Djokovic Wim 15 F
8. Federer AO 05 SF vs Djokovic AO 19 F


Bionic Poster
2010 Doha final loss to Davydenko, yep. Goated with a bagel, had MPs in the TB, even was up a break in the third but Denko was relentless.
2011 Miami final comes second and 2007 Wimbledon third as far as I can remember.
Didn’t expect you to pick 2010 Doha over Wimbledon 2007.