The best player of the season?!


we have 2 major tennis organizations. ITF which organizes GSs, OGs and DCs and ATP which organizes masters, ATP500s and ATP250s. both 2 choose their champ at the end of the season.

Rafas fans have recently insisted that only ITF tournaments count. yet they have never found the ITF champ to be a relevant achievement. I have, like most of the others, always considered ATP champ (YE#1) to be the most important of the 2. but now, after all these political influences and ATP points and list controversies, I don't know anymore. perhaps equal consideration should be given to both. and consider an undoubted best player only the one who wins both awards.

for example this season. if alcaras, by playing many smaller tournaments and by nole's bans in the US from IW and miami, wins YE#1 and at the same time nole is almost guaranteed to win the ITF champ award with 3 slams + the final and the participation in DC (which raz skips). this year, the ITF award would feel like the right one!