The Best Tennis Bag In The World Is....

Which Bag Is Best?

  • Prince Tour 12

    Votes: 4 14.8%
  • Wilson Eco Tour Super Six

    Votes: 6 22.2%
  • Djokovic Head MonsterCombi

    Votes: 9 33.3%
  • Nadal Babolat Aeropro

    Votes: 8 29.6%

  • Total voters
Here are the candidates:

1. Prince Tour 12 pack bag:

It has everything: shoe compartment, water bottle compartment, shoe bag, insulated tennis racket compartments, shoulder and backpack straps, 3 compartments total.

2. Wilson Eco-Tour Super Six:

It looks really nice. It has two side accessories compartments, a water bottle compartment, 2 protected racket compartments, and a wet bag, but no shoe compartment.

3. Head Djokovic MonsterCombi:

This bag is very stylish, and rests on 4 plastic feet to protect your bag.

4. Babolat Aeroline 12:

Great organization with a water bottle bag and shoe bag, both clipping into/inside the middle compartment. Hard plastic construction rather than vinyl for excellent racket protection.

All are approx. $90, and used by the top pros. Which is best? Personal experiences with any are greatly appreciated. Yeah, I'll buy one one day. :)
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I have the HEAD Prestige Monstercombi and my friend has the orange monstercombi. They are amazing bags. Two thermal pockets for racquets, big center compartment, and a side accessory compartment that is huge. I love it and still use it for practice even though I have to use a Dunlop 10 pack for matches.
Hmm, not many replies. After closer inspection, I would say it's basically a tie between the Babolat and Prince.

Tiebreaker goes to Babolat if you like the hard shell to protect your rackets.

Give it to Prince if you like the dedicated shoe pocket.

Otherwise, too close to call. :)
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I'm going with the Babolat 9 Racquet team bag. To me its great- fits lots of stuff without being overly huge. Its pretty sharpe looking too.


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Wilson Eco Tour Super Six for sure, I can fit a lot of stuff in it, and it protects your gear well.
it fits in the overhead compartment of most commercial airplanes well, as long as it isn't overloaded like Jolly's bag...