The best tennis outfit ever is?


Still better than black socks and white shoes. This one is forgivable because the outfit itself looks so epic, but if only Adidas released some black & yellow Barricades, this would be GOAT material:

No way, I love that look, particularly that one there from Novak.



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The shirt's great. The rest of the outfit, not so much to me.

Of all the 2017 palette swaps he did that year, I thought that was the worst one.
I liked all of these better, except for maybe the daytime USO.

I like simplicity anything dominated by yellow, pink, purple, green, discount blue lol is bad

then again I generally hate bright colours lol


I think the yellow highlights are perfect for the kit (especially the fact that all the highlights are yellow - no white). And the shirt looks more like a superhero suit with the detailing - all of his late 2010 outfits had a similar design, which I personally loved. The "machine Rafa" look.

This is so plain and cheap, I hope you are being sarcastic.


Dont know yet how to post images, but Nadal's black and purple outfit at the USO is real badass.

On the women's side, like mentioned, Venus has several nice ones, as does Wozniacki. Also found Halep's asymmetric skirts pretty cool
Liked Andre's denim shorts. Nike made some lightweight pseudo denim shorts in black and gray recently but not in blue--wish they would make them in blue, they would be a big hit--at least with me.