The best upconverting DVD player and HDMI cable?


Hello, my DVD player just died after almost 10 years of loyal service. I'm looking for the best upconverting DVD player (not Blue Ray) in a price range of 40-80$. Image quality and capacity to read DVDs without skipping or freezing are my priorities.

I know that an upconverting DVD player is useless unless you have a HDMI cable, so I'd like to know what's my best options at a good price (the Monster brand seems to be overpriced...).

Also, does the HDMI cable connect the TV to the DVD player? If so, I guess 3 feet seems long enough?

I have a relatively old Toshiba HDTV, if that's any help (it's huge, NOT a LCD or plasma).

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Can't help with the upconverting as I have bluray, but for HDMI cables I will suggest Do not be alarmed with the price, they are legit and highly recommended. I have them in my home theatre, living room and all bedrooms. I also know many that are using them with no issue. Hell for the price, order a couple backups.

How about a 10 footer for $4.34?

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For HDMI cables, just go to and search for "HDMI cable" and you'll see lots of options, down to $2.41.