What is overall the best performing/playing VCore Tour racket from the given versions?

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Frans Bleker

Dear Forum Members,

The VCore tour line from Yonex with the 97 sq inch head size has been around for some years now. Trew the years significant changes for better or for worse have been made to the VCore Tour line. I was wondering what is, according to the general opinion, the best version of the VCore 97 line, of the ones listed below.

Please Vote if you have a favorite, feel free to mention why:)



Orange Tour G HG 330!!!!!
After this model the weight was moved more to the tip and away from the throat of the racquet and then they changed the string pattern to a shared hole design. I tried it and had to stock up on Hg 330's. I have about 5 and use them occasionally for doubles. Really think this was their best design but have not tried the newest version.........yet.


2me, the vcore.tour.g has the right feel, 4me..
this is the racquet I switched to from wilson
ive tried all the others listed (except white/red)
I like the 16/20 pattern on racquets, im not liking the direction vcores are heading with the vcore.pro (16/19),, but I think that's more of a personal preferrence


I demoed the hg330 at the time also
at the time the hg330 was a bit too much weight for me
I went with the g310, I added some lead to dial the weight for me

some personal info on the vcore.pro, if your interested:
the vcore.pro.97 330 is the better option between the 310/330,
the balance has changed and the beam made thinner;
the pattern is now 16/19,
they made this line FAST
the 330 has a more stable feel between the 2 weights "at impact",
the vcore.pro.97(310) feels too light at impact


biggest change is string pattern 16x20 to 16x19.

330g version stock form is great for me but slightly heavy for me.
If I switch rackets, probably 310g with heavily modification.
I have not tried current version but prefer 16x19 stringing pattern.


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Does the VCore Tour 89 count?

If we're only talking about the 97s, I like the balance and feel of the current VCore Pro but would've preferred 16x20 pattern. I just picked up a couple of Duel Gs and they're promising but time will tell.

Frans Bleker

Which of these versions is your guys opinion the most different (playing wise) compared to the others in this line?


For me the VCore Pro 97 330 is the best. It is a very versatile frame, stable, solid but not clubby or difficult to get around.

The Orange Tour G 330 is more stable and solid, however I found it a little more cumbersome.

I am biased as the VCore Pro 97 is my frame of choice, I have tried many frames over the years and this has been the best one for me.


I've hit all the version and weights so far, except for the Vcore Pro 330. My favorite so far is the original red 310. String it around 47 with a soft poly like Volkl Cyclone 18g, add lead at 3,9, and 12, and it is amazing. Mt least favorite has been the Vcore Pro 310. I could really feel the difference in the string pattern, and the overall feel of the racquet was really off for me.
But again, if you haven't tried the original red versions, give them a shot. They take a lot of tinkering, but it's worth it. Also, if any of you have any of those original reds you want to sell, please hit me up.

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Pro 310 for me with the orange 330 in second.

The pro 310 is the closest thing i have gotten that is a legit classic feel combined with modern characteristics.