The Best....


Tennis pros were asked who in the game has the best...


Nadal, Murray - it's karlovic

Ljubicic - Federer has the best second serve.

Federer - Andy Roddick is the best server in the game, both first and second serves.


Ljubicic - its Federer and Murray.

Murray, Djokovic - David Ferrer and Davydenko.

Nadal - David Ferrer and Nalbandian.

Federer - its Nalbandian


Ljubicic, Ancic - Fernando Gonzales

Djokovic - Gonzales, Federer and Nadal

Safin - Federer, Nadal and Roddick

Nadal - it's Federer

Federer - it's Nadal

Murray - tough between Federer and Nadal, but goes with Nadal in the end!


Niemenen - aside from his own...Gasquet

Ancic - Gasquet

Murray - admires his own backhand

Ljubicic - Safin, because he can hit winners from all positions.

Safin - votes his own backhand as the best

Djokovic, Nadal and Federer - all three agree that Nalbandian has the best backhand in the world.


Niemenen - when Henman retired, today its Max Myirni

Ljubicic - Federer, now that Henman is gone.

Nadal - Federer


Niemenen - Cañas

Ljubicic - David Ferrer

Ancic - Nadal and Ferrer

Murray - Nadal

Djokovic - Federer

Federer - says it's Hewitt


Ljubicic - "it would be boring to go with Roger again so i'll go with in the world, we have to give him something".

Federer - you gotta put Rafa up there!. Honorable mention: Hewitt and Roddick!

Murray - Nadal

Djokovic - Federer, Nadal and himself!

Nadal - it's Federer

There you go ladies and gents! This is what the pros have to say about who has the best what.... Do we agree with them? During the interview, I sensed that Ljubicic showed too much admiration for Federer, and that he hates Nadal. Non of these players voted for Djokovic on anything...I wonder why?

I took the information from the atp site
you can watch the video on the right side under Hamburg 2008: The Perfect Player.
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