The Big 3 Have Won 50 of the last 58 majors: Which trio is the next best...


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...over those many matches -- essentially 14.5 years?

Starting with Rafa's first major win (2005 RG) the three GOATs have won 50 of the last 58. It's yet to be determined if Rafa can take it to 51/59.

Perhaps, I shouldn't spoil the question, but within the OE, I wanted to see which other trio (not using any of The Big 3) have collectively won the most in a 58-major period.

The answers, if I figured this correctly: Two other trios have won 26 of 58, just over half as many:

Connors (8) plus Borg (11) plus McEnroe (7) - starting with AO 1974 and running thru AO 1988 (there were two AOs in 1977)
Sampras (14) plus Agassi (8) plus Courier (4) - starting with Pete's first major at US 1990.

Now, 26 is a big number, but again, only about half of what these guys have racked up.

Any thoughts, or does anybody want to double-check my tennis math?


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Messi and CR7 dominated Ballon d'Or in 2008-2017

They are just too good for rest of field.


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Great Aussie trio, but Emmo did nearly all his damage when pros - such as Laver and Rosewall - were on the pro tour, and barred from the majors. I'm really just trying to contrast The Big 3's stretch of dominance with whomever was next best in the Open Era.