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    There is a lot of info here. Nothing is meant to be degrading at all, just informational. Take it as it is. Education is important. I gave a sliver of ever level. Some will of course not understand...others will see this exactly as it is. I even included my team from last year. Looking at jr rankings where is everyone from each team? Very subjective, but some people here are getting caught up in that. I enjoy helping the young players, but you again need to look for what's best for your game and what you are seeking. Being realistic is so important. I have talked to so many kids that are ranked 100 in Texas and they are going pro. Do you see how crazy that sounds? Those aren't isolated comments...sadly

    Wash U of St. Louis (#1 in June 2008’s D3 final ranking)
    1 foreign player, 16 total on roster…I know a few other multi stars there)
    (3 star – 210 in US, 22 in TX) Trevis Bowman Sr. 5-10 155 Dallas, Texas
    Cameron Chiang Fr. 6-2 180 Toronto, Canada
    (3 star – 192 in US, 2 in AL) Nirmal Choradia Sr. 5-6 140 Birmingham, Ala.
    (3 star – 242 in US, 7 in OR) Charlie Cutler Sr. 5-7 170 Portland, Ore.
    (3 star – 269 in US, 2 in CO) Slavi Fildish Jr. 5-9 200 Lakewood, Colo.
    (3 star – 390 in US, 5 in OK) Chris Gordon Fr. 5-9 150 Tulsa, Okla.
    (3 star – 191 in US, 6 in NJ) Chris Hoeland Sr. 6-1 175 Princeton, N.J.
    (3 star – limited info) Danny Levy Jr. 5-8 155 St. Louis, Mo.
    (NR – limited info) Mark Partridge Sr. 6-1 170 Berwyn, Pa.
    (3 star – 251 in US, 25 in TX) Eric Pollak Sr. 6-2 175 San Antonio, Texas
    (3 star – 189 in US, 3 in MI) Dushyanth Srinivasan Fr. 6-0 160 Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
    (4 star – 102 in US, 4 in MI) Isaac Stein So. 6-1 150 Kalamazoo, Mich.
    (4 star – 59 in US, 4 in GA) John Watts Jr. 6-1 165 Marietta, Ga.
    (3 star – limited info) Max Woods So. 5-10 160 Oconomowoc, Wis.
    (2 star – 299 in US, 21 in GA) Corey Yealy Jr. 5-8 135 Alpharetta, Ga.
    (3 star – 356 in US, 54 in CA) David Zhu So. 6-0 150 Fremont, Calif.

    Texas A&M U Corpus Christi (#75 in May 2008’s D1 final ranking - last team ranked)
    7 foreign players, 7 total
    Jan Cingel Sr. Slovak Republic
    Jaume Farras Jr. Barcelona, Spain
    James Langford So. London, England
    Laurent Montoisy So. Lasne, Belgium
    Dmitry Novikov Jr. Minsk, Belarus
    Mikhail Pavlov Sr. Moscow, Russia
    Jose Zunino Sr. Guayaquil, Ecuador

    Georgia College & State Univ (#15 in May 2008’s D2 final ranking)
    6 foreign players, 8 total
    (1 star – 646 in US, 27 in GA) Robert Angelucci Fr. 6-1 - Acworth, Ga.
    Max Beliankou Jr. 5-8 RH Minsk, Belarus
    Joao Casagrande Jr. 6-4 RH Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Giovane Nucci Jr. 6-0 LH Santa Catarina, Brazil
    Justin Pickham Sr. 6-0 LH Armidale, Australia
    Erick Siqueira R-Sr. 6-0 RH Sao Paulo, Brazil
    (NR – limited info) Kyle Uhles So. 5-10 RH Cumming, Ga.
    Francis Yoshimoto Sr. 5-7 RH Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Incarnate Word University (#20 in May 2008’s D2 final rankings)
    2 foreign players, 17 total
    (1 star – 790 in US, 116 in TX) John Anderson Fresh Boerne, TX
    (1 star – 512 in US, 57 in TX) Pierce Brandan Fresh Georgetown, TX
    (1 star – 755 in US, 105 in TX) Hunter Carter Fresh Boerne, TX
    Michael Castillo Sr Santiago, Domincan Republic
    (1 star – 513 in US, 58 in TX) Stephen Cavazos Fresh Rockport, TX
    Efrain Cayama Soph Venezuela
    (1 star – 724 in US, 95 in TX) Casey Dennis Soph New Braunfels, TX
    Henry Estrella Sr Santiago, Dominican Republic
    (1 star – 442 in US, 63 in TX) Trevor Fields Jr San Antonio, TX
    (1 star – 912 in US, 158 in TX) Adan Gallaga Fresh Harlingen, TX
    (1 star – 710 in US, 158 in TX) Gerardo Gomez Soph McAllen, TX
    (NR – no info) Stanley Haines Soph Comfort, TX
    (NR – no info) Chase Holliday Sr San Antonio, TX
    (1 star – 528 national, 89 in TX) Jake McMindes Sr Cibolo, TX
    (2 star – 397 in US, 48 in TX) Rudy Obregon Sr San Antonio, TX
    (1 star – 690 in US, 90 in TX) Jose Perez Fresh Harlingen, TX
    (2 star – 519 in US, 75 in TX) Rodrigo Pope Soph El Paso, TX

    LeTourneau University (D3, unranked)
    (1 star – 390 in US, 49 in TX) Mark Taylor SO Paris, TX
    (1 star – 389 in US, 48 in TX) Dallas Darnell FR Houston, TX
    (1 star – 708 in US, 93 in TX) Ryan Thomas FR Arlington, TX
    (1 star – 515 in US, 73 in TX) Dave Henkel SO Schertz, TX
    (1 star – 422 in US, 56 in TX) Wade Sinard SO Corpus Christi, TX
    (1 star – TX Supers) Uli de la Fuente FR El Paso, TX
    (1 star – 407 in US, 53 in TX) Paul Haney SO Corpus Christi, TX
    (NR – TX Champs) Elick Arp FR Longview, TX
    (1 star – 700 in US, 152 in TX) Randy Namanny SO Lindale, TX
    (NR – TX Champs) Scott Schlesinger FR Arlington, TX

    Laredo Community College (#1 in May 2008’s NJCAA final ranking)
    9 foreign players, 10 total
    (1 star – 597 in US, 74 in TX) Edward Martinez - LaFeria, TX
    Moacir Dos Santos-Filho – Curitiba, Brazil
    Sebastian Grottke – Dresden Saxony, Germany
    Diego Troiano – Dracena, Brazil
    Francisco Segura – Almeria, Spain
    Maxime Moreau – Grassee, France
    Georgie Perez – La Grande Motte, France
    Luis Campos – Jundiei, Brazil
    Rodrigo Duncan – Monterrey, Mexico
    Jose Carlos Tolentino – Lima, Peru

    Alcorn State Univ (D1, unranked)
    6 foreign players, 9 total
    Aziz Abdurazzakov 5' 10" Sr. Tashkent , Uzbekistan
    German Castillo Contreras 5' 6" / 165 Fr. Bogota , Colombia
    Juan Marcos Hernandez 5' 8" / 150 Sr. Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic
    Shashank Kulkarni 6' 1" / 175 Sr. Pune, Mah , India
    (1 star – little info) Mike Okada 5' 7" Sr. Hilo , HI
    Abhaya Prakash 6' 1" Sr. Mysore, Karnataka , India
    (1 star – 811 in US, 128 in TX) Gordon Reaux 6' 2" Fr. Houston , TX
    Maxim Rhazmakin 6' 0" Sr. Voronezh
    (NR – TX Champs) Yanick Shearron Hawkins 5' 8" Fr. Houston , TX

    Centenary College of Louisiana (D1, unranked)
    2 foreign players, 6 total
    (NR – little info) Jacob Dawson 6-4 Jr. Lenlir, N.C.
    (NR – no info) Seva Kostelanetz 5-8 Sr. Shreveport, LA
    Jules Bourgon 6-0 Fr. Gockhausen, Switzerland
    (NR – little info) John Callen 5-10 Fr. Shongaloo, LA
    Evan Magill 6-0 Fr. Aurora, Ontario
    (NR – little info) John Reeks 6-0 Fr. Shreveport, LA
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    Sep 18, 2008
    Way behind the baseline
    What's your point?
  3. cujays

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    May 27, 2007
    this is interesting
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    I am trying to show people that continue to banter about the weakness of D3 or the strength of other divisions that it's relative. There are strong teams and weak teams anywhere you look. You can find good stuff or bad stuff's not as simple as saying "they're D1, they are awesome" or "they're D3, they suck".

    More players on these boards need to be looking D3 for the experience and the chance to play. It's great tennis!!!
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    Good info Coach. Here are more examples of the depth of D3. Local D3 college had a former top 10 ranked GA player at #1 singles. Yet he barely made the top 25 singles rankings for the D3 Atlantic South region in 2008. Current #1 player at another local D3 was a top 100 nationally ranked junior player, transferred from a D1, and yet only made it to the quarters of the D3 ITA South regional tourney this fall.

    D3 should not be overlooked if you want to play college tennis. In some areas, due to the heavy influx of great foreign players in D2, NAIA, and JUCO it may be your best option.
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    Jul 21, 2006
    Here's an example of a community college that is competitive with some D1, D2 and D3 programs.

    Scottsdale Community College...

    2 foreign players with little to no info
    1 Star - 4 players
    2 Star - 2 players
    3 Star - 3 players
    4 Star - 1 player
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    Apr 7, 2008
    Coach Carter,
    I couldn't agree more with your stats. My wife played #1 for a team in the Big East for three years, then transferred to a D3 school for her senior year. She had alot more fun making the semis of the ITA's and finishing with a winning record at the D3 level than she did getting beat up for three years at the D1 level.
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    Sep 18, 2008
    Way behind the baseline
    Now this makes sense.
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    Feb 18, 2004
    Can you explain what the one-star etc. refers to?

    btw, Kyle Uhles of Georgia College & State Univ played virtually no junior tournament tennis, but was a decent player. I don't know how you get onto a college team with no history - maybe he walked on.
  10. Coach Carter

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    Jan 3, 2006
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    tough to say, but he could have been highly ranked in 16's then shut it down...just playing school tennis or whatever. he may have been injured. he may have known he had an "inside track" to that school (knew the was an alum...whatever). again, just guessing.

    my top guy was injured the last 8 months of his senior year. he was around 60 - 70 in Texas supers. it allowed me to get him. if he had not had the surgery and had he been healthy and playing that year, then I have no doubt he'd have made a run at 4A state singles and been ranked 20 to 30 in supers. things happen...everyone is different...priorities.
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    From the FAQ at the site:

    "The ratings (stars) are awarded once a year, near the beginning of the school year (early October). A special ranking is done that includes matches from Sept 1 through August 31 of the previous year - for classes that have more than 1000 ranked players the top 25 are blue-chips, the next 50 are 5-stars, the next 125 are 4-stars, the next 200 are 3-stars, the next 200 are 2-stars, and the rest are 1-stars. For classes with fewer ranked players, a percentage is used."

    To translate:
    Blue Chip - 1-25
    ***** - 26-75
    **** - 76-200
    *** - 201-400
    ** - 401-600
    * - 601-1000
    No star - less than 1000
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    Apr 8, 2006
    hong kong
    you guys just remind me why i hate maths...
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    Feb 18, 2004
    He never played much tournament tennis at any age - I didn't see more than six tournaments in any year, so never had a very good ranking. He did have some good wins against top 20 players in the state, though, so maybe the coach saw that. His father is a good player, so maybe there were family connections.

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