The Davis Cup...Winston Salem ( Pictures )

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    I just got home from the Davis Cup Block Party at Hanes Park in Winston Salem. No more than 300 tennis fans got to enjoy an afternoon with the whole US Davis Cup Team. ( The only absent was Andy Roddick, even Mardy Fish was there with the team ). Patrick McEnroe and the Bryan brothers took time to chat, sign autographs and have their picture taken with EVERYBODY until nobody was left and I really mean the end I was there talking to a racquet rep and I saw Mike and Bob standing there by themselves and evrybody was just gone...them two guys are first class. James Blake was there and participated in the carnival with the kids but as soon as the small press conference was done he left ( I believe he was tired ) hopefully he will be fully rested for Friday. I got a chance to take pictures of the Davis Cup, this is the original trophy dated since 1900, all the names are there and you get goose bumps just reading all the names on the different plates. Here are some of the pictures I took, tomorrow I'll post some more. Enjoy

    Some Trivia, The whole thing is irreplaceable and uninsurable and it weights around 230 lbs, The Cup itself has the engraving of the first match in 1900, the lower rings have plates and each plate holds two years of competition. The name of the two teams and players are engraved with the final score. If you are a tennis fan, reading the names on that trophy will throw chills down your spine.





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