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Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by Fischer76, Jun 15, 2006.

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    May 10, 2006
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    Until tennis gets the message that they are not marketing their sport correctly we're going to get articles like this. Let's be real, tennis is too slow to embrace change. The instant replay is the first step in many that needs to happen in order to bring the profile of tennis up. The Tennis Channel is another. Technology isn't going to kill the game it's going to help it. The ATP needs to shorten the season, make players more accessible (see NASCAR on how to grow a fringe sport for the masses). They need to players more visible by showing more Madison Avenue appeal. Like her or not the Sharapova Canon "Power Shot" commercials get people's attention. Anyone remember the Canon commercials "Image is Everything"? I don't even have to name the player that did those. The Tennis Channel does a good job of showing interviews and reality based shows of players' personal sides more but, they don't do enough. Players should be miked on the sidelines (ever watch NFL Films?) and have coaching between sets. Camera angles should be changed at points during the match so that you can see the speed and spin of the ball more.

    The mens game is too deep to realistically expect rivalries to surface the way they did in the '70s and '80s. Draws are too deep, players get hurt often and media coverage is too limited. Annacone is right, it's the quality if competition what matters now because it's unrealistic to think you can stake the sports visibility on Federer and Nadal for mass market appeal. The thing that draws people to professional team sports is the consistency of knowing there are home teams to root for and a season to count on. Tennis is too individual so you have to get recognition for your players in order to get people to want to watch it. The season makes no sense to someone who isn't an avid tennis fan. There are too many tournaments to keep track of. There's almost no recognition of up and coming players in the Satellites or Challenger circuit. This is unlike football or basketball in the US where college athletes are often hyped before they get to the pros. The best the US could do for tennis in terms of hyping the next big thing? Donald Young, and I think we all agree that's been dissappointing at best.

    Wow, just realized I wrote such a long post. Sorry about that guys but I really love the sport and I wish the powers that be would do the right thing to get more interest in it.

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