The Fed babies..awwwwwww...


I like the fact that they don't dress them all frilly and such. Afterall, they will become professional tennis players when they grow up. :twisted:


Mirka shouldnt sit the baby on the ledge even though it has barrier some children have climbed right over those...

but they are cute little babies


I know this doesn't belong here but it's kinda cute :oops: Annacone looks nice with the kids and everything.:lol:
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Fed looks hot! Btw do they ever go on holiday alone?
Yeah it was mentioned that Fed, Mirka and the babies had a holiday alone after AO 2010 (in the alps, I think?) .... the kids got sick, Mirka spent a couple of days in hospital and Fed subsequently picked up that lung infection :oops:


Fed looks hot! Btw do they ever go on holiday alone?
They're not really "on holidays" here; this is the day after the Miami SF, just a one-day holiday before flying to MC :)

I don't know if they've tried to holiday completely alone (without at least a nanny) since that post-AO 2010 disaster. They spent a week in the Seychelles islands over off-season; I doubt that was a large group but maybe a nanny (or 2?).

I don't think Roger/Mirka have ever holidayed twinless since the kids were born tho'.