The Future of Tennis in regards to the ATP?

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by Milan, May 7, 2008.

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    Dec 20, 2007

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    tennis is a hard sport to make money in. why?
    because people only want to see the top players. and the top players can only be at one time and one place.
    think about basketball or soccer. Many players and many teams.
    Lots of chances for fans to go see and pay money. Lots of chances for different sponsers to pay money too.

    Great quote by Hova there. Now let me explain why that is. ATP does NOT Promote players outside top 10...this is wrong. This is why people only know Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. This is why people don't know Davydenko. People Certainly don't know the big rise Janko Tipsarevic has made and how talented he is. What about Simone Bolelli? An Italian who has climbed the rankings, has a phenominal game and could certainly be top 20 very soon. People never heard of even Juan Carlos Ferrero, who was #1 in the world at one time. ATP needs to promote these players better.

    In my opinion, I would love to see ATP establish ATP Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 like soccer to replace ATP, Challenger, Future. promote local Future tournaments as 3rd Division soccer leagues. Let locals get to know players from 800-1200 in the world and go and see tennis weekly at a local club. High quality tennis may I add. Why should these fans only wait until the US Open comes around once a year to see tennis. No wonder they dont follow it all year. This would also boost salaries of Future players, Challenger players, so they could make more money. Stands are packed at a single A baseball game or a Harlem Globe Trotter Game or even more at a Serie C or English Division 3 Soccer/Football Game. These leagues are promoted well and people die for their teams. This is not top level soccer or basketball or baseball but its promoted well and people go out and support local teams.

    Also, we need to reschedule our current format. Does anyone agree with me or think Im nuts when I say 30% hardcourts, 30% Clay, 30% Grass, with 3 masters tournaments on each Surface??? Wouldn't that please everyone. Why do we need 80% of the tournaments played on Hardcourt. How is that fair? Plus it is so damaging on the body, players can't play past 24. Clay Season cannot be condenscend like this. It is not fair. Now Ferrer and Nadal are playing every tournament to defend their points and their bodies cannot handle it. This is wrong.

    Maybe ATP needs to hire me, or just get rid of this idiot they have running the show now. If they are not a profit-making corporation, then why are they changing this system to the ATP 500 series. Why are they overselling tournaments to cities. Why are they not doing this the correct way?

    ANy thoughts???????
  2. superstition

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    Sep 20, 2006
    Hard court should be phased out for pro tennis, period.
  3. RedWeb

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    Aug 8, 2006
    Yeah, that will help endear the game to the millions of players that don't have access to clay or grass courts. :confused:
  4. fastdunn

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    Feb 19, 2004
    NBA was much more successful than NHL because of their efforts to promote individual players. Part of reasons why WTA is one of the most successful female sport is because all tournaments feature star players at quarter-final and up(weekends).

    ATP in 90's was about minimum regulation. I think ATP recently got a que from NBA and WTA. They have been trying much more to feature more of top players at all tournaments. (They even tried round-robin format, right?). And they increased number of tournaments required to play(instead they now play 2-out of 3 sets master tourney's final).

    I think it's paying off now. Slams (and other tournaments) are now having more of top players at quarter-finals and later. And the revenues at slams are increasing, as I know. Is it good for the future of tennis ? Who knows.
  5. Stchamps

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    Aug 5, 2007
    Tennis Needs to go to Styrofoam rackets and beach balls. They Need to eliminate all current courts and only play on the water kind that nadal and serena played on in miami. This way no one will get injured ever.
  6. footsteps

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    Jul 28, 2007
    ATP does NOT Promote players outside top 10...this is wrong. This is why people only know Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. This is why people don't know Davydenko.

    Davydenko is number four in the world.
  7. chiru

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    Jun 9, 2004
    no way, water courts are super hard on the joints.
  8. chiru

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    Jun 9, 2004
    in all seriousness, it'll be really hard to promote futures and challenger tournaments. most of the futures and challengers tournaments take place at the same places major tourneys take place. for example in the u.s., the vast majority are gonna be in california, where ppl could go to LA or Indian Wells instead. In florida, they could go to miami instead, and in houston where theres the men's challengers, and formerly the masters cup. I'm from wisconsin, we have a bball team, a baseball team, and the best football team in the world (go packers). there are no major tournaments, no tennis tourneys, even anywhere closeby in terms of chicago or other such major cities. if i wanna see tennis i need to go elsewhere. also consider that college tnenis is almost at futures level, which i cna watch for fairly cheap.
  9. miniRafa386

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    Jun 10, 2007

    this is one of the best posts ive seen in a LONG time (besides all the posts by me :))

    i really like the idea of the D1, D2, and D3 for tennis, very smart.

    I like ALL of Milan's ideas, BUT Heres what I think, in terms of scheduling the ATP season:

    1) Move the Aussie open to the middle of february or late february. this will lessen the 5 or so months between it and the french
    2) get rid of all the small tournies and make them challengers, OR, make them more weighted. eg, Auckland is 175 to win it. they should lessen the weight of it, or make it 250+ pts.
    3) Space out the tournaments. i think its every week of the year theres a tournament, or very close to it. for example, Barcelona is a 300 pt tourny, a substantially larger I.S. gold tourny. and its right inbetween two AMS tournies. Why?

    there's my idea.
  10. West Coast Ace

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    Feb 11, 2005
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    Don't feed the troll. Superstition thinks he/she has been on this one person crusade forever. The fact that clay courters break down as much as hard courters doesn't affect his/her thinking...

    So many incorrect statements it's hard to know where to start. First, most ATP events make money. These guys are smart businessmen. Think they'd keep plowing cash into losing ventures? Ridiculous.
    Compare a regular ATP stop's attendance and prize money to a WTA one? Not even close.

    The ATP had a 'new balls' campaign to promote the up and comers - so it's not like they haven't tried. The players are their own worst enemies - they should be doing much more self-promotion. Think NASCAR! But by nature they are more introverted and don't do it. If you want more cash you have to accomodate the fans. When they do have autograph signings most of the players only do a few (or a set # of minutes) then flee. Why can't a guy on his day off sign/have his pic taken for 45 minutes or more? And I think the #125 made $200k USD last year - sure the expense eat away at that. But not a bad living...

    The schedule is NOT going to have any major changes - the Slams aren't going to move - the Masters Series can't move much.

    The players practice has as much if not more to do with the injuries - you hit a LOT more balls in practice than in matches. Even if there was more time off between events, most of the players would still hit balls every day - and their bodies would break down...

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