The Greatest Coach EVER has passed


Walter Gretzky, the father and coach of Wayne Gretzky has died today. A true Canadian hero who did it the right way created one of the greatest athletes in the world.

As Walt said... "Wayne does not have God gifted talents, he has Walt gifted talents."

Sad day.


Hall of Fame
^Maybe he didn't want somebody else to get all the credit for his work.
Now, he's probably explaining himself to the big boss upstairs as we speak.

Dan Lobb

We had a mutual friend out West, with whom Walter Gretzky made a public relations tour in northern Saskatchewan. This friend asked me to say hello to Walter (who lived in the same city as I did at that time, just a few blocks away).
One day I saw him a few feet away in a drug store, and I thought I would follow up and say hello from our mutual friend. Just as I started to move forward, a swarm of children appeared and surrounded Walter, asking for autographs.
I gave up and left.