The gut/poly thread

What differences did you notice between low differentials and high differentials? I would assume high differentials mean higher launch angles?
Higher differentials generate more spin, higher launch angle, and easier on the arm. Starting low and working your way up you will find there is a loss of control at some point. For me playing Gut/poly that is somewhere around 4-5lbs that I lose control on the serve, return of serve, attacking the mid court ball and first volley. 2-3lbs is perfect for me in the RF97. Personal preference and different for many players.
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So, the gut/poly tension difference question is a good one. I think that it surely depends on the feel that you want, and the cross string that you are using (more stiff, or more comfy).

Right now, I have settled at 58lbs mains (various), and 48lbs crosses (PRCW). That seems to work well for the moment. I got here by not wanting the poly to be higher than 48. And i kept increasing the gut to tame the power. Not sure i would go higher at this stage.

Oh, and I pre-stretch the PRCW (10% on my stringer's auto setting) to try and hold it at 48lbs for longer.
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This is the reason we see a great number of people stringing gut/poly at the same tension. Lowering the overall tension to avoid the stiffness right off the stringer and the string bed plays better longer. Normally I string a 3lb differential but notice a difference going to even a 2lb differential in terms of string bed stiffness. If you want gut/poly to last longer string the same tension with a smooth poly with the best tension maintenance you can find. Then string mains and crosses at a lower tension.
Ex: RF97 57/54-59/56
RF97 52/52-54/54
Have a friend who plays Gut/poly at 52/52 in the RF and gets much more longevity than I do using differentials.
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I got a Strike 18x20 to experiment with, the stringer strung it 52x51 (VS 1.25xALU 1.20). I usually use a 4# differential (52x48) but the stringer said that the new grommets would settle, so this would be better. 1st time out it felt like crap... seriously, bad enough that had i not purchased the racquet I'd probably not have hit with it again. Luckily, I tried it again after it sat for a few days and it felt great, and has for 10+ hours so far. I attributed the suckage to the string bed being locked up until the ALU lost some tension and created some differential, but what do I know? Is this 'break in' typical in no/low differential gut/poly setups? Does the longevity warrant the 'break in'?
I'm an old school Yonex guy so I always string the crosses 5% lower no matter what. Seems to work out especially well with gut/poly hybrids. The only time I've done a higher delta was with especially stiff poly, but I never do more than 5 lbs difference.
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I've got 1 set of natural gut I'm itching try out the gut/poly hybrid in but I'm getting ready to move to a new racquet and want to try a multi/poly hybrid first in order to compare two different round and slick poly's in the crosses...before I try it with the natural gut.

Wilson Revolve is one I know I want to try because it's known to be smooth and allows the multi/gut main to do its thing without notching.

What should be my 2nd smooth poly string to try out in the crosses with multi mains?

Both mains and poly's will probably be 1.30mm.


I love reading this thread too!

Arm allowing I would be using Bab Team or Touch or Pacific or Klip gut and Revolve crosses like a shot.
I'm hoping to give it a go again come summer.

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Apologies, I posted this also in Poor Man's Champion's Choice:

I used to use KB Max Power smooth crosses with gut before I got my own string machine. A friend gave me his stringer and a few sets of AlLURough. And I hate to admit it, but it's really, really nice. I've seen some folks mention that they replace the crosses a few times before the gut gives out.

Just curious, with Max Power Rough would I maybe have to change the crosses a couple times vs the three or four times you would have to with the Alu Power Rough? I don't mind restrining, just want maximum playability. KB seems much stiffer and if the only benefit is longevity, it's not worth it. Or maybe a thinner gauge with the KB, or is there another string that is rough and in the middle of the Lux and KB?