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I've been playing with Hyper G soft main/Gosen micro sheep cross @ 51/53. Recently played with Hyper G soft full bed 49/47 but found it a tad lively after 5-6 hours so my ideal tension probably should be a bit higher like 51/49. My racket is Radical MP 2021.
I just ordered a set of gut ProV5 16 gauge from NGW which intend to used as a main hybrid. I'm guessing HGS will not be a good combo as it might cut through my main. I have sets of Ghostwire in 16L and 17, Pro Line evolution in 1.25mm and isospeed Cream in16L (I have old reels of tour bite, tornado and hyperion too but I doubt they'd be good crosses). Which one should I try first and at what tension? It will be my first time with gut (also a bit nervous to string it myself).
I would say the Ghostwire 17G but be prepared to go up in tension quite a bit. Perhaps 58/54 Mains/Cross or something like that.

I am actually having difficulty with these softer poly crosses this summer with the heat. I am finding I am losing the ball in the stringbed and I really don't like that at all with Lux Gut 58/Cream 16L at 51. It was great this winter. I am about to string up Yonex Poly Tour Fire 17G as a cross and perhaps go up a tad on the cross and give that a shot.

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Hmm I would string the gut higher. Also depends if it was prestretched. It will lose a lot of tension after it's strung, but then settle.
It got a bit better before snapping some 10-12 hours in.
I still feel the string is not worth the price, especially on clay.


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For those who use gut/poly in tweeners or anyone in general, what would be a good tension for 16g gut/17g max power?
It got a bit better before snapping some 10-12 hours in.
I still feel the string is not worth the price, especially on clay.
I use gut on clay and think it’s the best string that one can get. I use it as a main with lynx tour crosses. But I string it much higher than you. 27/25. Gut is sensitive to temperature changes and I only drop to 25kg during winter when it’s close to 0 degrees. I found it to be too lively during summer at 25kg.
Also keep in mind that not all stringers are calibrated well. So your tension might even be lower. When I set my stringer at 25kg it actually pulls 24kg. I measured it with a fishing scale.


Wondering if anyone has had any experience with lynx tour , head hawk rough and head hawk as crosses for VS mains ? How do these compare in terms of stiffness, control and tension maintenance ? Also, if you move from VS17 to VS16, besides durability, will you in theory gain better control without sacrificing power?

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I have tested numerous hybrid set-ups over the years. You can use different polys in the crosses to make subtle differences in the feel or spin of a gut/poly hybrid just as you can with gut. At the end of the day - assuming money is no object - the best playing set-up remains VS Touch 16 in the mains and Luxilon ALU Power Rough 17 in the crosses. It is not an original blend, but it is a classic for a reason.

For tension, I string the poly in the low 40s and the gut 3 pounds higher - a little higher in the summer, a little lower in the winter. There is a reason so many pros use this combo, even when it does not come free. It does everything well.