The Heavyweight Champion and The GOAT on opposite sides of the draw at Wimbledon 2019

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I’ll say this about this upcoming slam - I imagine the desire to win it is more intense than ever before, for each of the Big 3. They are all getting really aged for tennis players and surely have doubts about how many more slams they can win and, all the while, the race is tightening! Oh the suspense of it all!


Earth's Mightiest Warrior will be happy to see that development, as I am sure so would Fed. Time to see if what even I thought was beyond comprehension once upon a time, a fifth Wimbledon title being held up high by the defender of justice and freedom. :)

Wimbledon is where Novak has risen like a phoenix and with Federer ideally on the opposite side of the draw, the time is now. Time to unleash. :cool:

Haven't been posting due left arm triceps tendon tear, but getting better. Hope all of you have been well.
Djokovic v the GOAT nadal is likely to be the semi final as Wimbledon want the third wheel of his generation Federer in the final