The highest order of brutal ballstriking on display :- Don't miss


Two of the most powerful ballstrikers to have ever picked up a tennis racquet going toe to toe with each other on a high bouncing Hardcourt. The ball is screaming louder and louder because these guys are basically hitting it so hard, it may split into halves.

Enjoy the show ladies and gentlemen. I really wish we could get more of this matchup but sadly they've not played since 2017, and last year at RG, the dropshot kid from france, Hugo Gaston ruined the party.

Nuclear Warhead Sinner

Didn't know you could upload powerpoints on YouTube. The match was closer than it should've been, as Wawa has more juice and angles on his groundstrokes than Timmy.

Third Serve

Talk Tennis Guru
I could have attended IW three years in a row from 2017-2019:

Thiem-Wawrinka, bits of Fed-Wawrinka

Fed-Delpo, my brother saw Coric-Fed and a few other matches, I'll have to ask him again.

I was actually in the area but unfortunately didn't get a chance to go.


are you talking about the 04 AO SF or the video you posted featuring a soon to be washed up geriatric and next gen mug neither of whom are standouts when it comes to court positioning or clean and early ballstriking? Obviously even in that video the ballstriking quality for that style is utterly mediocre compared to Stan's best matches.