The How Much Do The Marked "Heavy" Wood Rackets Weigh Experiment Has Concluded


You might remember, in our first installment, I was searching for wood rackets marked "heavy" or "H" to see how much they actually weighed. Wood rackets came in three weights. Light, medium, and heavy. The heavy weight kicked in for grips 4 3/4 and above. (Apologies to anyone under 40 who has no idea what the preceding sentences mean). I thought they would weigh at least 15 oz. They are difficult to come across, as I discovered. Well, I found 2 rackets in the past 6 months. (1) Tad Imperial 4 3/4 H tips the scale at 14.41 oz. (2) Wilson Kramer Autograph. The most iconic wood racket of all time. Gorgeous in beautiful near minty condition. How much will it weigh? 15 oz? I put it on the scale. A robust 14.78 oz. Close enough to 15. So there you have it. An experiment of two. Maybe someday someone will read this and say I've got a Woodie that's 15 oz. Until then, the leader in the clubhouse is 14.78 oz.

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My JKA (with overgrip which probably gives me the edge on you) is:

397g weight
32.6cm balance
360 swingweight


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Yowza. I have never seen a "heavy" labelled wood racquet. I have a Kramer ProStaff medium-weight, and it hits the ball like a hammer.