The Imperative to Replace

Discussion in 'Classic Racquet Talk' started by Lucien, May 8, 2012.

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    Jan 23, 2012
    I started a thread some months ago about trying to find a replacement for my Wilson FPK 95, which I have been playing with since the early '90s. Of the several I've demoed recently, the racquet I've liked the most is the Wilson ProStaff Six One BLX 95 (16x19); I can't say it has the same feel, but I understand that the unique design of the FPK will make replication impossible.

    One poster suggested instead that I just try to stockpile FPKs (I currently have four, two pretty worked, two in better shape, which I got at auction). Forgive me if this issue has been extensively discussed, but if I decided to stick with the FPKs I have, what would be the downside? Eventually, I suppose, the racquets will give out, or break, and it will be increasingly hard to find others, but other than that, and as long as they're holding on, what exactly is the argument for replacing a beloved classic racquet with a new one?
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    Go with what you are comfortable with. The only downside is you get very used to the feel of the older racquet, and if you are old enough - its difficult to switch.

    If you are younger or more open to having different racquets in your bag, and can easily switch to other racquets with no issue - then it's perfectly fine to buy the racquet(s) of your choice.

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