The Indian jewel in #Serena's Crown.....



The Indian jewel in Serena Williams's crown from Velvetcase's Kapil Hetamsaria
By Glynda Alves, ET Bureau | 15 Jul, 2015, 01.10PM IST
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The Wimbledon champ Serena Williams has worn a pair of ruby and diamond earrings, gifted to her by CEO Kapil Hetamsaria, during her last three Slam wins.

Last weekend, fans of Serena Williams cheered as the American tennis star won her 21st Grand Slam at Wimbledon. One of them was Kapil Hetamsaria, who figures he might have played a small part in her victory.

In her final match, Williams was wearing a pair of elegant rubyand-diamond earrings that was gifted to her last year in Singapore by Hetamsaria. The earrings are a creation of, the online company that he founded and now heads as CEO. An ecstatic Hetamsaria spoke to ETPanache about his Williams connection.

When did you first meet Serena Williams?

Mahesh Bhupathi has a tennis league (International Premier Tennis League or IPTL) and we were affiliated with it. We were sponsors of the league and even made the trophy for the winning team.

While I was on the circuit I first met Serena Williams and a lot of other players including Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer and even Novak Djokovic. But Serena Williams is, by far, my favourite tennis player on the women's circuit. She is a loving and caring person. Her warmth just shines through. Obviously, she is also extremely strong when it comes to her game and physical fitness. She's unlike other women athletes.

How did you come to design the earrings for her and when did you gift them to her?

If you look at the design it is elegant yet not flashy. We designed them for her in that way. The earring is created in such a way that its bottom is perfectly round. The structure sits on the ear beautifully so that it in no way hurts the ear, which means it can be worn on court for hours.

I gifted her the earrings in Singapore in December last year and she literally jumped with joy when she saw them. She quickly removed the earrings she was wearing and wore the ones I gave. "I love it. This is so close to what I was looking for," she said. She was excited and mentioned how she would love to get a few pieces made by us for her.

This isn't the first time she's worn the same pair. Do you think it's her lucky charm?

She actually wore them in January at the Australian Open, which she won and later at the French Open, which she won. And just recently at Wimbledon, which she also won. I want to believe it's her lucky charm — I surely think she must consider it to be. I can guarantee you she will wear it to the US Open.


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