The injury is actually good news for Nadal!


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Faith in "journalistic exercises" such as the one linked by the OP is the same wisdom that allows "Nigerian princes" to make money over the internet. That stated, I do wish Nadal a speedy return to good health--I'm just not going to take comfort in a soothsayer disguised as a journalist.


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LOL, read the lead paragraph – what a specious idea.

We all know he's been injured at at least half the slams he's played since then anyways, he just happened to finish the matches. This time he pulled the plug before the job was done, so surely that means he'll dominate the rest of the slams.


well there are some similarities, last time nads withdrew from the AO mid match it was 2010 and one of the weakest eras of time in that year. Nads piled up 3 slams and some no 1 weeks. Fast forward 2018, he pulls out mid match again its one of the weast years of all time - no reason he cant pile up 3 slams in a year where his only competition is going to be a 37 year old post surgery player with a bad back who probably wont even play clay or may only dip his toes in clay