The (insert old racquet that feels nostalgic) will arguably go down as the best modern racquet of all's why


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It perfected upon what the (insert older version of previously mentioned racquet) before it started, providing tons of (insert subjective preference 1) and (insert subjective preference 2) potential, making it easy to use for both recreational and advanced players alike.

The orignal version was the only one without the modern gimmicks like (insert gimmick), and it's barebone pure graphite structure gives it the solidity that later versions just coluldn't emulate. It also had a really cool paintjob, and is the rarest iteration of the racquet line.

With a stock swingweight of (insert SW), it played great without any customization, all this while having a low-ish stock weight of just (insert weight).

The racquet turns (insert age) this year, and well kept ones sell for as much as $150-200 today.

Truly a gem of a racquet, and will one day be in the same league of legendary racquets such as the Pro Staff Classic, the original Prestige, amongst others. The only difference, as (insert TW legend) said in one comment, it will still be relevant and playable due to its (insert number) sq inch head size, and (insert subjective preference 1), (insert subjective preference 2) nature.

Oh and did I mention (insert pro) still uses it?
HAHAHAHAHAH this will be one heck of a thread! XD Imitation is the finest form of flattery, I'm truly honoured!

For the ones confused what this is about, it's all my fault and I'm sorry!

Seriously though, since we are talking about classics, did I mention for the umpteenth time how great the Aeropro Drive Original is? Playing with one is like reaching tennis nirvana, and if you haven't tried one yet, you truly are doomed, and are a racquet noob of the lowest stature /s


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There's only one answer here:
Modern racquets era starts with graphite. There is only one and original, that started it all, the Prince Original Graphite OS!

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We should sticky this template.

Along with developing templates for best poly, rate my strokes, advice to get 120 mph serve, arm friendliest setup, which of the big 3 is really the GOAT.