The irony: Frank Dancevic's Team wins Davis Cup, Mardy Fish loses it


In the Netlix documentary about Mardy Fish, he tells the story of how he was losing to Dancevic in Newport on 2010, then he decided to "blow up" and start yelling at Dancevic ("a friend") saying there's no way you're going to beat me, etc. etc. He threw Dancevic out of rhythm and ended up wining the match. "I lost a friendship, but I had to do it." He talks about that match changing his career and he started winning more and more from that point on. Fast forward 12 years later and Dancevic successfully coaches Canada to a Davis Cup win while Fish is trying to explain why he left the best American doubles player off the team.


Well, Tiafoe did beat Shapo the last time they played, which was over a year ago, and Fritz is 2-0 against FAA, including winning just a week ago at the ATP Finals...
Shapo was due for some progress himself, not only FAA.
Shame for Kyrigos not playing, same for Sinner.


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Revenge is a dish best served on a tennis court? :cool:
Reminds me of the time I got kicked off a USTA team due to politics and the captain, and I joined a 7.5 team the next season, faced my captain and a friend on court 3 and beat him lol. We both hit the ball at each other. I thank God for the opportunity and outcome.


I can't speak for Mardy, but EVERYONE speaks highly of Frank. I'm thrilled for Dancevic's victory. I have no doubt he helps with team dynamics.