The Irony


I have not been on here since Monfils won the French Open this year.

I stated that tournament that Lisicki,Cibulkova, and Kirilenko are the best female tennis players.

I got laughed at and was told that they were all terrible by multiple posters.

Now all of a sudden, "Lisicki is a great player". "I hope Lisicki wins this title, i love her."

The amount of Flip Floppers are Ironic, you guys do this every tournament.

When Monfils wins his 19th TRUE Grand Slam title at the US open this year, then everyone will say they love Monfils. SMH

What a Joke
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Sorry everyone likes Lisicki...she is hot, sexy smile, nice legs, good personality, a great game with surprising volleys, touch shots and her smiling attitude on court. just a clown....I like him but I doubt he will win any major....I will not back him up to win either.