The Italians have the coolest team


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Do you think they can win at least one of the two team titles before Fog hangs up his racquet?

The Italians won the Davis Cup only once 50 years ago but this has to be their most talented generation ever and I hope they can do it again.

If Berrettini can keep up his current level and Sinner hit his peak soon they would definitely be a scary team.

James P

Good team, yeah.

Matteo and Jannik playing singles
Fog for sure in dubs. Wonder who else plays with him?


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They’re really stacked just like the Russians… Seppi Caruso and Mager are two other Italians that play ATP tournaments and they’d definitely be included in mostly every other Davis Cup team in the world.


Aren’t the Russians ‘cooler‘ with two top 5 players in Medvedev and Rublev along with a dynamic, hard-hitter like Karatsev? Rublev and Karatsev are a decent doubles team also.


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What about Bolleli? Him and Fognini won the AO Doubles in 2015. Might be useful to include the veteran double specialist instead of a Musetti or Sonego.

I had high hopes for Bolelli when I first saw him on tour. Great racquet skills, but mentally... Oof.

Considering he still plays doubles often (and with some level of success) it does seem a bit odd that he's not included.

@Rovesciarete may have some info about the Italian DC selection process, seeing as it has been a topic of conversation in the Full-Fledged Sinner thread. Bolelli may not qualify for some reason or criteria.

While we're on the subject, it seems to me that Bolelli ain't the worse looking guy on tour either, though I should let the, uh, experts decide @BeatlesFan @MichaelNadal


I am not good judge of male appearance. Anyway I think Bolleli is a bit bollito, getting old. However I didn't follow the machinations of Italian nominations for quite some time.

Personally I think there is an excellent chance to win finally something now. Fognini is not in a great state, Musetti neither. Sonego is likely better suited to the conditions. Berrettini and Sinner are those on which the team counts most.