The Key to Success in Modern Tennis is raw athleticism AND the mental game


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I don't think it's raw athleticism, but using that athleticism in a techinically effecient way that benefits tennis. I'm sure there are kids playing division one tennis who could outsprint every top 10 player, but tennis isn't about that.

And mental consistency is a given, where the Feds and Nadals are just above everyone else.


Austin Rapp right?
He got to warm up genie bouchard too. He was part of the group I went to prequalifying with. His little brother has some of the funniest commentary during matches. He would miss a shot and then say something like. "What is this I don't even play tennis."

You're 100% right though about the OP in this thread. I can hit with someone like Logan Smith or George Goldhoff who are both top 10 players, but when it comes to a match George is more athletic than me and Logan is tactically smarter. In practice it's hard to tell the difference though because the skill gap at that level comes from the intangibles

Yeah Austin. I remember I played him when he was 13 and a lot shorter and I managed to beat him in 3 sets! Now he would destroy me haha.


Murray isn't such a great athlete. If you don't have strong tactics then you won't become one of the best.

What are you smoking?

I'd rate Murray as definitely more explosive a mover than Djokovic. He is not as flexible as Djokovic, nor as efficient as Federer, but he is more explosive than both. Some experts say he is even more explosive than Nadal. His athleticism is a huge component of his game.