The mental game for Nadal in RG 2015 would be the toughest yet


Hall of Fame
Going into 2015, if Rafa is healthy, would be the toughest RG for him. I am not even talking about physical and how he has peaked compared to '10. The media would make it the tallest mountain to climb for him.

Why? Because they will keep talking about a 10th RG title and how much a historic achievement that would be. And they will keep running Rafa 2005-2015 tribute or what not to hype up the 2015 RG. 10 is a magic number, a nice round number that human loves. There is no way they would not hype it out of proportion.

And an athlete's worst enemy is trying to chase history and make new records. It will be just impossible for him not to think about it. I believe in 2009 it was a similar thing and people talk about how certain that Rafa would win it that year. He is human after all. It did affected his game. It took somebody with a hot hand and at the right time, boom, Rafa was out.

I am not saying Rafa will lose RG 15 for sure. But it will be the hardest win for him if he manage to get to the final at all.