The Most Powerful Picture In Tennis History


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Miss murray ..
But TTW members were toxic during those times.
He was the most un appreciated on this forum by Roddick Hewitt fans and experts ..
There was a time when complimenting murray was a sin here at TTW .
You read the other comment, not this one..

And yeah Sometimes I did find Nole-Andy match a bit boring bcoz of exactly similar games at AO, IMO.
They have had Great matches at All surfaces, clay and grass..


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You are a little hung up on the age or the generation gap nonsense stuff. Or perhaps you are too young, don't have a job yet and have all the time in the world to watch a 6-hour long match etc.

And I am not a Fed fan and given that I like both Nole and Rafa, it would be unlikely for me to say anything negative about them or their matches. That's not the point here. I just don't care for matches that run for 6 hours. Just as much I didn't care for the Isner/Mahut match. It's that simple. It could have been Murray too and I'd have said the same. I get especially irritated when WTA matches go on forever. Not that I like fast and quick, I just like a good balance.

But it was just one match so I can cut some slack. The general notion was, I don't like very long matches. They bore me.
OK cool..


And as a Fed fan the best is the backward pants

Can't actually find the wide back shot. But he zipped up!!!

I mean. He's the GOAT and his brain literally leaves his body amidst the euphoria.


This is a picture from 2013 AO. It's on my kobo reader. I captured it on TV as Andy was about to enter the stadium to play Federer in the evening session. He'd go on to beat him in a slam for the first time in an epic 5 sets thriller. This match is on my all-time top five list. As you can see, I still have it on my Kobo.