The mystery of my Nike shirt


Can someone explain to me whats going on? I washed my shirt and saw all these stains on both sides. Got crazy !! just to discovered that they disappeared when the shirt dries. Just wondering if they will appear when I play.



I had the same weird thing happen to mine as well. It was one of these nike green ones from last year. I actually ripped them by accident (got stuck weirdly in door knob) but everytime it was washed it would get dark stains and they would disappear after the shirt dried. Always thought maybe it was the dri fit material or threads etc.

Can you show a picture of the shirt? Which top is it?


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A friend of mine returned home early from a night out to discover the babysitter had her boyfriend over. Later they discovered one their towels was similarly stained.

So...don't leave your dri fit shirts laying around when the babysitter is over.


You may have got one of the refurbished tour player shirts that lower rank players have to trade in to Nike to swamp for a brand new ones! LOL!
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